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Newly Admitted Computing Students

Important Notice


Starting Summer 2021, students admitted to UNF with fewer than 60 earned college credits who intend to major in a degree program offered by the School of Computing will start as a Pre-Computing major until they complete the following courses:

  • COP2220 Programming I
  • COP3503 Programming II
  • COT3100 Computational Structures

Upon successfully completing these courses, students will matriculate to one of the School of Computing majors by informing their academic advisor of their major preference as long as they meet that major’s minimum GPA requirement.


Minimum GPA Requirements
Computing Major Minimum GPA Requirement
Calculated based only on COP2220, COP3503, and COT3100
Computer Science 2.3
Information Systems 2.0
Information Science 2.0
Information Technology 2.0
CIS-Data Science 2.0

Grades received from other institutions for the above courses or their approved by the School of Computing equivalents will be honored.