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2014 UNF Computing User Group Expo and CTO Panel

Saturday, October 25, 2014 from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Board of Trustees Room

UNF Adam W. Herbert University Center

UNF with CTO logo

User Group Expo

About the Expo

The UNF Computing User Expo provides a platform for user groups from Northeast Florida connect with UNF Students and regional professionals. About 10 local user groups will set up a small booth and provide information on their events, other activities, membership benefits, and how you can become a member. This event will provide you an opportunity to interact with local user group members and organizers.


The Expo will be held on October 25, 2014 from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM at the Adam W. Herbert University Center on the UNF campus.

Why join a user group

Whether you are a working professional or a student, user groups are excellent place to interact with others with similar interests. User groups provides excellent opportunities for professional development and discussing about your latest bugs. By joining user groups of your interest, you can participate in hands-on workshops, learn new techniques of coding and analysis, learn how your peers solve problems, and learn about future directions of the field. For aspiring leaders, user groups provide you the opportunity to present current software capabilities and development techniques, share your experiences with peers and students, and enhance your leadership skills by serving as a user group officer.

CTO Panel

The UNF CTO Panel brings together local technology leaders to discuss opportunities, challenges, and crucial technological issues faced by organizations in the Northeast Florida region. Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) will discuss Information Technology advances, challenges and opportunities, and their impact on educating future technology professionals.

Our Sponsors

Special thanks to Availity for sponsoring this event. This event is supported by annual contributions by members of the School of Computing Advisory Board and local companies.

Event Registration

The Panel was held on October 25, 2014 from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM at the Adam W. Herbert University Center on the UNF campus.


User Group Expo and CTO Panel events are open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.


Expo and Panel events are free but registration is closed.


If you attended the event, please provide us feedback by completing the survey available at below link:


Feedback Survey Link (Closed)

Event Schedule

Here is an overview schedule for the event:

Check-in and Breakfast: 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

User Group Expo: 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM

CTO Panel Introductions: 10:20 AM

CTO Panel Discussions: 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM

CTO Panel Q&A: 11:15 AM to 11:30 AM

Event Closing Address: 11:30 AM


Event Location and Parking

UNF Adam W. Herbert University Center

12000 Alumni Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32224 - 2678

The University Center offers complimentary parking to all event attendees. You can find driving instructions at the below link:

Participating User Groups

Big Data Jax

Big Data Jax at Meetup

JaxDUG - NET Developers

JaxDUG at Meetup


JAX PHP/JAXWeb at Meetup

JaxUX - User Experience

JaxUX logo

Founded in 2012, JaxUX became Jacksonville's first user experience focused Meetup group. JaxUX is committed to providing an outlet for people who are interested in gaining new insights in the world of UX and how that relates to design and development. Once a month we meet to discuss user experience design, information architecture, copywriting, analytics, usability studies, rapid prototyping, sketching, wireframing, and much, much more.

Tech on Tap JAX

Tech on Tap JAX at Meetup

Jacksonville SQL Server Users Group

JSSUG SWebsite

JSSUG at Meetup

JAX Java User Group

JAX Java User logo

The Jacksonville Java Users Group (JaxJUG) is focused on Java as well as other JVM-based languages, and related enterprise and web technologies. We're professional, relaxed and informal. Our monthly meetings are an opportunity to learn about current developments and trends from experts in the field, and to network with peer professionals and recruiters.


MDUG - Microsoft Developers User Group

MDUG at Meetup


RubyJax logo RubyJax, founded in 2007, is a Jacksonville based community that focuses on Ruby and Ruby on Rails. We are 255 members strong and meet 2 to 3 times per month. RubyJax is free and open to everyone regardless of your programming experience. We meet the 2nd and 3rd Thursday of every month and alternate our meeting locations between our sponsors- Hashrocket, Starfield TMS and Bearden Designs.


RubyJAX at Meetup

CTO Panel Members

Prezi presentation used for moderating CTO Panel discussions


Karthikeyan Umapathy

Associate Professor at School of Computing, UNF.


Karthikeyan Umapathy is currently working as Associate Professor at the School of Computing, University of North Florida. He received his PhD in Information Sciences and Technology from the Pennsylvania State University. His research interests center on designing and developing complex information systems, and analyzing web service standards and IT standardization processes. He uses service learning as a means to help students understand that it takes more than technical expertise to be a good professional and excel in the job. He uses service learning to provide real-world software development experience for students by identifying projects from Non-Profit and Small-business organizations.


Karthik's Website

Karthik at LinkedIn

Karthikeyan Umapathy headshot

Panel Members:

Matt Stueck Chief Technology Officer at ICS


Matt is the Chief Technology Officer at Information & Computing Services (ICS, Inc., developers of RF-SMART). After graduating with BS degree in Computer Science from Southern Polytechnic University in Atlanta, GA, Matt became a software engineer and then spent time as an implementation consultant. Over the past 20 years, he has spent a majority of his career architecting Warehouse Management (WMS) and Automated Data Collection (ADC) systems - systems used by several hundred companies around the world for mission-critical supply chain operations. In his 15 year years with ICS, Matt has designed and architected every major product, primarily ADC (barcoding for manufacturing and warehousing) solutions with specific integrations to leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) like Oracle's JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics AX and NetSuite. Currently, Matt is leading the RF-SMART for NetSuite Product Development Team and directing a newly formed Department R Group dedicated to technical research at ICS. Matt received a BS degree in Computer Science from Southern Polytechnic University in Atlanta, GA.

Matt Stueck headshot

Jane Landon SVP and Chief Technology Officer at

Jane Landon joined in November 2010 as Chief Technology Officer. Prior to joining, Ms. Landon was Deputy Commissioner and Chief Information Officer for the New York City Department of Finance. Her past experience includes leadership positions at Microsoft, where she was General Manager/Chief Information Officer for Public Sector Business Systems Information Technology, as well as Prudential Insurance of America and The Bankers Trust Company. Ms. Landon holds a BA Business Administration degree from SUNY Fredonia in Fredonia, NY.


Company BIO Group, Inc. provides a full range of Internet services to small businesses to help them compete and succeed online. meets the needs of small businesses anywhere along their lifecycle with affordable, subscription-based solutions including domains, hosting, website design and management, search engine optimization, online marketing campaigns, local sales leads, social media, mobile products, and eCommerce solutions.


Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, is a public company (NASDAQ: WWWW) serving approximately 3.1 million customers with approximately 2,000 employees. We are proud to have been recognized on the 2013 Deloitte Fast 500 Technology list as one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America for the fourth year in a row.

Jane Landon headshot

Brian Ritchie

Chief Technology Officer at PaySpan, Inc.

Brian Ritchie is the Chief Technology Officer for PaySpan, Inc. responsible for Product Engineering and Infrastructure Technology. During his nearly 15 years with PaySpan, Brian has designed and architected large scalable multi-tenant systems. He currently provides technology direction for PaySpan as it delivers efficiency and increased transparency to the healthcare reimbursement cycle.


Brian has over 22 years of technology experience developing software and managing technology teams in various industries. He has been active in the development community giving presentations to local user groups and code camps. Brian is also the author of RavenDB High Performance published by PACKT in 2013.


Mr. Ritchie holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska.

Brian Ritchie headshot

Kevin Denneny

Chief Technology Officer / Development Operations for the Global Consumer Bank at Citigroup

Kevin is the Chief Technology Officer / Development Operations for the Global Consumer Bank. He provides business strategic consulting, technology governance, innovation management as well as a range of systems integration services in support of Citi's consumer banking transformational investments. Kevin manages a budget of $250MM and a total staff of 2800 FTE.

Kevin Denneny headshot

Ron Pizur

Senior Vice President - ITS Systems Development at Allstate Benefits

Ron joined Allstate Benefits in 2000 and since then has lead multiple major technology initiatives delivering significant value to the company. In 2007, Ron's innovation in 'straight through processing" led to Allstate receiving the 'Celent Award", recognizing underwriting innovation in the Insurance space. Ron leads the technology delivery for Allstate Benefits including enrollment, billing, claims, customer service and data warehouse analytics. His prior experience includes 5 years with CSX Intermodal as Director of Operations Systems.

Ron Pizur headshot

Archive of Audience Questions using

11:37 AM | score: 1

Should universities increase the scale of in class projects to prepare students for the working world?

11:31 AM | score: 1 Live

What is the best way for students to learn how to break down problems?

11:30 AM | score: 0 Live

How fluid should our 10 year plans be?

11:27 AM | score: 0 Live

Is graduate level education beneficial to students who are also entering working world after graduation?

11:25 AM | score: 0 Live

outside of user groups, what other avenues do you find most useful to keep up with technology changes and keep your skill set current?

11:23 AM | score: 0 Live

How fostering are companies to newer ideas from younger workers fresh out of university?

11:20 AM | score: 1 Live

This is a bit of an odd one, but: how important are watches? If I'm not wearing one, does that affect me negatively, or does it really not matter at all?

11:20 AM | score: 0 Live

How should students do their part to help fuse industry and academia?

11:17 AM | score: 1 Live

Is it possible for students that do online learning, such as university of Phoenix, to get involved with UNF student groups?

11:13 AM | score: 3 Live

What advice would you give someone who is an introvert trying to be more involved and social? Communication is key when working with others.

11:12 AM | score: 0 Live

How old are you

11:09 AM | score: 0 Live

This is a test message

11:06 AM | score: 1 Live

Karthik, that question about communication skills is really good... I think it would be beneficial to everyone here if you put that to the panel in the little time left.

11:03 AM | score: 3 Live

UNF is currently searching for a CIO. What advice would you offer us and how might the CIO/CTO position be different in an Academic setting.

11:03 AM | score: 2 Live

How do we as user group organizers answer the call for inspiring new talent in Jacksonville to fill the much needed IT jobs?

11:02 AM | score: 0 Live

Is there any preferred or highly used programming language in businesses, or it depends on the company?

10:59 AM | score: 1 Live

@Jane can you talk about the threat of ex-parte restraining orders from Microsoft to web servers, and how the legislative world is not keeping up with the digital security war?

10:56 AM | score: 1 Live

Are "buzzword" technologies not always viable to implement?

10:54 AM | score: 1 Live

ln what ways are you implementing better security systems for clouds?

10:54 AM | score: 1 Live

With the Target and Home Depot data breaches in mind, how can organizations fight state sponsored hackers who have no limit to the effort they might put forth?

10:54 AM | score: 0 Live

Would the costs to maintain and improve security hinder business growth?

10:53 AM | score: 1 Live

What are your thoughts on open source software?

10:52 AM | score: 0 Live

Is this software working

10:52 AM | score: 5 Archived

Ms. Landon: Women are grossly underrepresented in IT in general and in executive management in particular. What advice would you give to women in technology who want to ultimately become a CTO or CIO?

10:51 AM | score: 1 Live

For your type of position, what would you say is more important as a background, Business or Information Technology? To what degree is each background important for you?

10:51 AM | score: 9 Archived

What would you say is that largest single skill set lacking from UNF graduates from the college of computing?

10:50 AM | score: 2 Live

Do you see any risk in security breeches about implementing the cloud into your businesses?

10:50 AM | score: 4 Archived

How much willing is business to spend money on technology research?

10:50 AM | score: 1 Live

IT is generally seen as an expenditure vs an asset, however the major players are all successful because of their superior IT technology, shouldn't there be a more paradigm shift in this approach

10:49 AM | score: 2 Live

Is Jacksonville and UNF bridging the knowledge gap and meeting you requirements ? If not how best can we work to bridge the gap?

10:49 AM | score: 1 Live

What are your thoughts on mobile application development? Web vs Native vs Hybrid? Which have you used? Which have been successful or failed?

10:49 AM | score: 3 Live

Is big data affecting your organization and how? What is your organization doing to gear up for big data?

10:48 AM | score: 0 Live

What are the major risks and liabilities you see from local requirements in a global market?

10:47 AM | score: 3 Live

Does your company employ Agile and Srum strategies and how have these affected the vertical hierarchy of your company for the better in the long term?

10:45 AM | score: 2 Live

With the data breaches at companies like Target and Chase bank, what is your company doing to address these risks?

10:45 AM | score: 2 Live

Where do you see SaaS and cloud computing going in 5 to 10 years and the ever changing needs of each company to do things "their own way"?

10:44 AM | score: 5 Archived

With respect to the employees you oversee, how important are communication skills versus technical skills?

10:44 AM | score: 8 Archived

UNF recently added back into the curriculum a cobiol programming class, is this on target with companies modernixing the mainframe? Would you recommend that students attend COCBOL class among other cla

10:43 AM | score: 4 Archived

What types of legal and/or ethical concerns are being raised by emerging technologies in your field.

10:43 AM | score: 4 Live

Question to Kevin

What is the difference between Devops and other operations like application support, data center support, etc.,

What benefit does the organization/business a from the new group?

10:42 AM | score: 5 Live

Do you have any advice or anecdotes on telling your board "no" and how to advance understanding of when a company can't or shouldn't pursue a technological solution.

10:42 AM | score: 0 Archived

Do CTOs have any responsibilities within the international domain, or is the focus primarily on US operations?

10:42 AM | score: 2 Live

What kind of change have you faced in your organization and how have you led through the change?

10:41 AM | score: 2 Live

Ron Pizur - what are some lessons you learned as you oversaw the enormous growth at Allstate Benefits? (AJ, Capricorn Systems)

10:40 AM | score: 2 Live

In your opinion, do you feel that crypto-currencies like bitcoin can be a viable source of income and should be a market that should be explored?

10:38 AM | score: 6 Archived

How does business affect your decision making on technology solutions? What are the implications on providing highend or latest solutions with business playing majority role on decisions?

10:29 AM | score: 4 Archived

What is the difference between a CIO and CTO?