Spring 2017 School of Computing Symposium

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Friday, April 21, 2017 from 3 PM to 6:30 PM

Grand Banquet Hall

UNF Adam W. Herbert University Center  


About the Event

The School of Computing Symposium features course projects, thesis projects, and other types of faculty research projects carried out by undergraduate and graduate students. Students and faculty will share their work via poster presentations. This event will provide you an opportunity to have one-on-one interaction with our faculty and other computing students.

The event is open to the public.  Light refreshments is served.  The spring 2017 symposium has ended.


Thanks to all for taking time to attend the symposium and providing comments to our student presentations. Please provide your suggestions to improve the next symposium.


Spring 2017 Symposium Feedback Survey


Our Sponsors 

Special thanks to corporate sponsors for supporting our students in this event. This symposium is supported by annual contributions by members of the School of Computing Advisory Board and local companies. You can find list of advisory board members at CAB.


Program Schedule

2:15 PM to 2:45 PM – Students setting up their poster
2:30 PM to 3:30 PM – Check-in and registration
3:00 PM – Event kickoff 
3:00 PM to 6:00 PM – Attendees view posters and provide feedback
6:00 PM to 6:30 PM – Event closing and announcement of symposium winners

During the event, each attendee will be allowed to invest 100 UNF e-Dollars on poster of their interests. Attendees can cast an investment vote via smartphone using QR reader apps. QR Code Reader App should be available for free in the App store relevant to your phone. We will also have few computers at the event location for casting votes. Posters that receive the highest number of votes would be announced as the symposium prize winners.


Program Schedule


Event Flyer




Event Location and Parking

UNF Adam W. Herbert University Center 

12000 Alumni Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32224 - 2678


The University Center offers complimentary parking to all event attendees. You can find driving instructions at the below link: 

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Symposium Winners

During the event, attendees were provided with 100 UNF e-Dollars with instructions to invest in a range of 5 to 20 dollars on posters that are award worthy. Winners of the symposium were decided based on the investment amounts received. Winners were recognized with cash prizes and certification awards. School of Computing Advisory Board members along with Dr. Behrooz Seyed-Abbassi, Associate Professor, and Dr. Sherif Elfayoumy, School of Computing Director presented cash prizes and award certificates to winners of the symposium.



First Place Winner (Prize - $200) 

Poster Title: DeadCode - 3D first person shooter game

Presenters: Philip Balcar, Merrick Ghali, Adnane Lokman, Nicholas Rosser, Jason Smith, and William Wherry


Course: CEN 4010 – Software Engineering

First place First place

Second Place Winner (Prize - $150)

Find the BootyTM - Scavenger hunt web application

Presenters: Michael Frederick, Riya Gharat, Kevin Janssen, Mai Huong Nguyen, Kevin Poon, David Timmers, and Brandon White


Course: CEN 4010 – Software Engineering

Second Place Second place


Third Place Winner (Prize - $100)

Poster Title: JRCS Volunteer Management Solution

Presenters: Christian J. Bartram, Molly Johnson, Whitley E. Turner, and Clayton Walters


Course: CIS 4328 - IS Senior Project II

Third Place Third place



Honorable Mention Winners


Nine posters were recognized with honorable mention award for best-in-class poster presentation. Honorable mention winners received $50 cash prize and award certificate. See below for list of honorable mention award winners:

Poster Title: SWUBER
Presenters: Chloe Cruz, Michael Dimmitt, Jerrad Monagan, Isaac Newton, and Matthew Wilson
Course: COP 3855 – Web Systems Development

Poster Title: Special Needs Camporee Registration System
Presenters: Einar V. Acuna, Erika Hilty, Kesar Long, and Jennifer Stelmach
Course: CIS 4328 – IS Senior Project II

Poster Title: Autonomous Vehicles
Presenters: Connor Daly, Levi Jawara, Tanner McDonald, and Ki-Jana Panzarella
Course: CIS 3253 – Legal and Ethical Issues in Computing

Poster Title: Near Field Communication: Android Application
Presenters: Christopher J. Lowery, Matthew Romanczuk, and Richard Sahs
Course: CNT 4514C – Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing

Poster Title: Mobile Cloud Computing
Presenters: Purvi Bhatt, Jermiah Doody, and Jayalakshmi Raman
Course: CEN 6086 – Cloud Computing

Poster Title: The CLS Program: Accessible Education Through Software Engineering and Interaction
Presenters: Samin Faisal and Michael Azar
Course: CEN 6017 – Engineering of Software II

Poster Title: Steganography
Presenters: William Cross, Erin Edwards, Sam Maletta, and Jason Smith
Course: CIS 4366 – Computer Forensics

Poster Title: Quantum Integer Factoring - Shor’s Algorithm
Presenters: Paul Edwards and Bardell Reynolds
Course: Quantum Computing course/ Research Project supervised by Dr. Asai Asaithambi

Poster Title: BYTEME Studio presents Kitty Krawler
Presenters: Danah Alkadi, Michael Dormann, Ana Garcia Velez, Kaihua Liu, Megan Molumby, and Samuel Reilly-Rogers
Course: CEN 4010 – Software Engineering

* Symposium presenters received a participation certificate.

Apart from above winners, three other posters received special recognition for the most innovative, the best real world application, and student panel selection awards. The most innovative project was selected by representatives from feature[23] (http://feature23.com/), real world project were selected by representatives from Greenshades (https://www.greenshades.com/), and student panel award was selected Adrian Santos.


Most Innovative Project Poster Title: VRvisu: A Tool for Virtual Reality–Based Visualization of Medical Data

Presenters: Jason Smith
Course: Research Project supervised by Dr. Sandeep Reddivari.


Best Real World Application Poster Title: REKRDD Inc. - made for the teams
Presenters: Daniel Banks, Eric Gurvitz, Robin Hall, Khue Nguyen, Rajan Pandya, and Daniel Tiu
Course: CEN 4010 – Software Engineering


Best Student Panel Selection Poster Title: BandsNearMe - Find live music web application
Presenters: Fahad Alsaudee, James Lindsey, Samuel McGuire, Merrillee Palmer, Terrance Santilli, John Schumm, and Rachel Snyder
Course: CEN 4010 – Software Engineering
Votes count for top 10 posters:
Poster No.      Poster Title      Course Investment Amount Received
54 DeadCode - 3D first person shooter game CEN 4010 – Software Engineering 645
58 Find the BootyTM - Scavenger hunt web application CEN 4010 - Software Engineering 560
18 JRCS Volunteer Management Solution CIS 4328 - IS Senior Project II 535
15 Special Needs Camporee Registration System CIS 4328 - IS Senior Project II 509
59 BYTEME Studio presents Kitty Krawler CEN 4010 - Software Engineering 480
60 BandsNearMe - Find live music web application CEN 4010 - Software Engineering 425
4 SWUBER COP 3855 – Web Systems Development 390
56 int elligence - Renting From Me CEN 4010 - Software Engineering 343
7 CodeCraft Software Volunteer Management System CIS 4328 - IS Senior Project II 335
3 Nerdherd COP 3855 – Web Systems Development 330

Participating Courses

Students and Faculty from following courses and research projects will be presenting their work at the symposium. 


Course/Research Project Faculty Description of Posters
CIS 4328 - IS Senior Project II Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy Custom built software products for local non-profit organizations
COP 3855 - Web Systems Development Mr. Edwin Harris An e-business company proposal and website
CEN 6086 - Cloud Computing Dr. Sanjay Ahuja Cloud computing models, techniques, and architectures
CIS 3253 - Legal and Ethics Issues in Computing Mr. James Littleton Overview of an ethical issues relevant to computing field
CEN 4010 - Software Engineering Dr. Douglas Leas Analysis and Design of custom built software products
CNT 4514C - Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing  Dr. Zornitza Prodanoff      Mobile and sensor network projects
CEN 6017 - Engineering of Software II Dr. Sandeep Reddivari Custom built software products for real world clients
CIS 4366 - Computer Forensics Dr. Swapnoneel Roy  
CIS 4900 - Quantum Computing      Dr. Asai Asaithambi  
CAP 4630 - Artificial Intelligence Dr. Ching-Hua Chuan  
MAD 4203 - Combinatorics / COT 4111 - Computational Structures II Dr. Daniela Genova  
Research Projects Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy Reports and findings from research studies



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