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Fall 2011 School of Computing Symposium

School of computing Symposium Logo

Friday, December 2, 2011 from 3 PM to 7 PM

UNF Student Union Ballroom

UNF Adam W. Herbert University Center

About the Event

Join us for the School of Computing Student Symposium on Friday, December 2, 2011 in the UNF Student Union Ballrooms!


We'll kickoff the event at 2:45pm and showcase posters and presentations from 3:00-7:00pm. The symposium will feature current undergraduate and graduate students involved in course projects, thesis projects, and other types of research projects.


Projects areas include:

  • Information Systems
  • Gaming and Mobile Application
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Operating Systems
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Legal & Ethical Issues in Computing
  • Password Schemes
  • Recommendation Systems

All are welcome to attend.

Our Sponsors

Special thanks to our corporate sponsors, Availity and Harris Computer Systems, for supporting our students in this event.

Symposium Winners

The following students were recognized by panels of judges for their outstanding work presented in the symposium.

Individual Student Project Presentations

  • First Prize - $200

    Shannon Birchell

    Presentation Title: ACO Salient Contrast Thresholding for Edge Detection in MRI of the Heart

Team Project Presentations

  • First Prize - $200

    Lauren Spradlin and Ramsey Crowe

    Presentation Title: Public Transit and Carpooling Design Challenge

Poster Presentations

First Prize - $200

  • Nihar Goswami, Marc Mazour, Erick Douglas

    Poster Title: Osprey Flight Path

Second Prize - $100

  • J. Ryan Shore, Thomas Trask, Michael Turner

    Poster Title: Autonomous Robotics: Implementing AI Driven Calibration

Third Prize - $50

  • Jared Wheeler, Nihar Goswami, Brandon Authement, Thomas Furman

    Poster Title: Cloud Computing: New Frontier Offers Global Solutions

Poster Presentations - Top UNF Dollars Recipients

Attendees of the symposium were provided with 200 UNF dollars to invest in the projects that captured their interest. A total of 9920 UNF dollars were invested by attendees. Following are the top five teams based on the amount of UNF dollars invested by the symposium attendees:


First Place (received 980 UNF dollars, which is 9.88% of the total invested capital)

  • Poster Title: Digital Crux: SmartPhone App Development by Team Digital Crux

    Team Members: Jonathan Huber, Robert Roggio, and Micah Willard

Second Place (received 860 UNF dollars, which is 8.67% of the total invested capital)

  • Poster Title: Volunteer Management Systems for United Way by Team Lambda Lambda Lambda

    Team Members: Eric Bondi, Randall Grice, David Majcher, Gerardo Ornelas, and Marcus Toms

Third Place (received 840 UNF dollars, which is 8.47% of the total invested capital)

  • Poster Title: My Cultural Connections for Global Connections by Team Great Unknown

    Team Members: Christopher Cunanan, Kari Dickerson, Zachary Siliac, and Monique Villanueva

Fourth Place (received 760 UNF dollars, which is 7.66% of the total invested capital)

  • Poster Title: Implementation of AI in Autonomous Robotics

    Team Members: J. Ryan Shore, Thomas Trask, Michael Turner

Fifth Place is shared by three teams (received 600 UNF dollars, which is 6.05% of the total invested capital)

  • Poster Title: Volunteer Management Systems for Helping Hands by Team Atomic Ice

    Team Members: Evgeniya Bell, Carlos Calzadilla, Mary Lawrence, and Adamou Siddo

  • Poster Title: A-3: Advanced Aerial Assault by Mobile Game Development Team

    Team Members: Mario Kuester, Kyle Prichett, Evan Sharp, Lauren Spradlin, Nathaniel Swanson, and Andre Zingsheim

  • Poster Title: Osprey Airways

    Team Members: Nihar Goswami, Marc Mazour, Erick Douglas

The top three teams will be receive certificates of recognition.


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Event Flyer

Logo courtesy of Gerardo Ornelas.