Fall 2015 School of Computing Symposium

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Friday, December 4, 2015 from 3 PM to 6 PM

Grand Banquet Hall

UNF Adam W. Herbert University Center 


About the Event

The School of Computing Symposium features course projects, thesis projects, and other types of faculty research projects carried out by undergraduate and graduate students. Students and faculty will share their work via poster presentations. This event will provide you an opportunity to have one-on-one interaction with our faculty and other computing students.

The event is open to the public.  Light refreshments was served.  The symposium is free but registration is required (Registration is now closed).



Our Sponsors 

Special thanks to corporate sponsors for supporting our students in this event. This symposium is supported by annual contributions by members of the School of Computing Advisory Board and local companies. 


Program Schedule

2:15 PM to 2:45 PM – Students setting up their poster
2:30 PM to 3:30 PM – Check-in and registration
3:00 PM – Event kickoff 
3:00 PM to 5:30 PM – Attendees view posters and provide feedback
5:30 PM to 6:00 PM – Event closing and announcement of symposium winners

During the event, each attendee will be allowed to vote on six different posters. Attendees can cast a vote via smartphone using QR reader apps. QR Code Reader App should be available for free in the App store relevant to your phone. We will also have few computers at the event location for casting votes. Posters that receive the highest number of votes would be announced as the symposium prize winners.


Event Materials

Promotional Flyer


Program Schedule



Event Location and Parking

UNF Adam W. Herbert University Center 

12000 Alumni Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32224 - 2678


The University Center offers complimentary parking to all event attendees. You can find driving instructions at the below link: 

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Symposium Winners

During the event, attendees were provided with seven votes with instructions to cast one vote per poster. Winners of the symposium were decided based on the number of votes received. Winners were recognized with cash prizes and certification awards. School of Computing Advisory Board members along with Dr. Sherif Elfayoumy, School of Computing Director presented cash prizes and award certificates to winners of the symposium.



First Place Winner (Prize - $200) 
Poster Title: Waste Not Want Not & GreenGold

Presenters: Adam Dew, Tyson Warner, and Anastasia Werkowski

Course: CIS 4327 – IS Senior Project I

 First place

Second Place Winner (Prize - $150) 
Poster Title: Curious Cooker

Presenters: Sam Hughes, Diante Ledgister, Keyonte Mobley, and Dylan Strickland

Course: CIS 2991 – Inventing Android Apps

 Second Place


Third Place Winner (Prize - $100)
Poster Title: World Arts Film Festival e-Voting System

Presenters: Donald Dedman, Jeremiah Doody, Timothy Folds, Julio Orozco, and John Verdi

Course: CIS 4327/CIS 4593 – IS Senior Project I & Mobile Capstone I

Third Place



Honorable Mention Winners


Ten posters were recognized with honorable mention award for best-in-class poster presentation. Honorable mention winners received $50 cash prize and award certificate. See below for list of honorable mention award winners:

Poster Title: The Way Free Clinic Volunteer Management System
Presenters: David Iya, David Powell, Nadiia Semenchuk, and Christopher Small
 Course: CIS 4327 – IS Senior Project I

Poster Title: Aquapella
Presenters: Erin Poole, Dusty Rhoades, and James Spinella
Course: COP 3855 – Web Systems Development

Poster Title: Healthcare Web Application
Presenters: Iman Elshaar, Hibah Khalil, Chanchal Khatwani, Navin Mali, and Pan Xu
Course: CAP 6100 – Interface Design and Implementation

Poster Title: Roboethics
Presenters: Tillman Chen, Michael Dormann, Jenny Gjika, Maria Huynh, Kaihua Liu, and Elizabeth Moreno
Course: CIS 3253 – Legal and Ethical Issues in Computing

Poster Title: Forward /
Presenters: Anthony Criscuolo, Jeremiah Doody, Chaston Sanchez, and Joao Silva
Course: CIS 2991 – Inventing Android Apps

Poster Title: UNF SoC Symposium App
Presenters: William Hackney, and Robert Lowstetter
Course: CEN 6016 – Engineering of Software I

Poster Title: Social Engineering, The Subtle Art of Manipulation
Presenters: Justin Brown, Thomas Byrne, Brian Durham, Andrew Moran, Dylan Rudolfer, and Reed Tillis
Course: CIS 4365 – Computer Security Policies and Disaster Preparedness

Poster Title: Dungeons & Dungeons & Dungeons ...
Presenters: Kevin Hoeppner
Course: CEN 4535C – Development of Gaming and Mobile Apps

Poster Title: JAX Deals
Presenters: Joseph McGrady and Alexander Valley
Course: COP 4813 – Internet Programming

Poster Title: Evaluating Convolutional Neural Networks and Hidden Markov Models for 2D Gestures
Presenters: Spence Southard
Course: CAP 6671 – Intelligent Systems

* Symposium presenters received a participation certificate.

Apart from above winners, three other posters received special recognition for the best innovative and real world application projects. The best innovative project was selected by Wanyonyi Kendrick, Executive Director of STEM2 Hub, and the best real world application project poster was selected by Mike McCall and Nikul Patel from Citi Corp.


Best Innovative Project Poster Title: BookMar
Presenters: Kelvin Alves, Shawn Blancett, Tistan Reyes, and Jason Srivastava
Course: CIS 2991 – Inventing Android Apps


Best Real World Application Poster Title: Incident Reports Tracking System for Daniel Kids
Presenters: Timothy Allen, Gina Chin Fatt, Matias Ellera, and Stephen Jones
Course: CIS 4327 – IS Senior Project I
Best Real World Application Poster Title: Modern Password Policies
Presenters: Christopher Griffiths, Justin Keach, Charles Kerti, Nissarg Mehta, and Matthew Rutherford
Course: CIS 4365 – Computer Security Policies and Disaster Preparedness

Participating Courses

Students and Faculty from following courses and research projects will be presenting their work at the symposium. 


Course/Research Project Faculty Description of Posters
CIS 2991 - Inventing Mobile Apps for Android Phone & Tablet Dr. Kenneth E. Martin Android Apps designed and created using App Inventor
CIS 4327 - IS Senior Project I & CIS 4593 - Mobile Capstone I Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy Custom built software products for local non-profit organizations
COP 3855 - Web Systems Development Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy An e-business company proposal and website
CAP 6100 - Interface Design and Implementation Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy User experience and interface design projects
CIS 3253 - Legal and Ethics Issues in Computing Mr. James Littleton Overview of an ethical issues relevant to computing field
CIS 4365 - Computer Security Policies and Disaster Preparedness Dr. Swapnoneel Roy Security policies and disaster planning for organization
CEN 6016 - Engineering of Software I Dr. Sandeep Reddivari Custom built software products for real world clients
CEN 4535C - Development of Gaming and Mobile Apps Dr. Ching-Hua Chuan Games and Mobile apps
COP 4813 - Internet Programming Dr. Ching-Hua Chuan Web applications developed using PHP
CAP 6671 - Intelligent systems Dr. Ching-Hua Chuan Artificial intelligence systems applications
Research Projects Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy Reports and findings from research studies



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