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School of Computing Policies & Guidelines

General Policies

School of Computing Attendance Policy (First Day of Class)

UNF Student Attendance Policy

UNF Academic Integrity

Equipment and Software Resources (Support for Individual Student Projects)

UNF Information Technology Services Policies & Procedures page

UNF Policies & Regulations page

Undergraduate Policies

Probation and Suspension Policy

Satisfactory Progress Policy (Course Repeat Policy)

Transformational Learning Opportunities (DIS, Co-op)

Graduate Policies

Validation of Courses Older Than Five Years

Graduate Thesis Prospectus Guidelines (.pdf)

Graduate Thesis Policy (.pdf)

Graduate Thesis Guidelines (.pdf)

Codes of Ethics for Computing Professions

ACM Codes of Ethics and Professional Conduct

AITP Code of Ethics

AITP Standard of Conduct

Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice