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Probation and Suspension Policy


The School of Computing strictly enforces the University of North Florida's official Academic Standing policy (2.0610P). The aforementioned policy outlines University criteria for probation and suspension. The School of Computing's policy for probation and suspension builds upon this framework to provide guidance to students who are placed on probation or academic suspension. Students who wish to continue their studies in a major in a different College or School at UNF must follow that major's policies instead of those listed here.



Students who meet the University's criteria for academic probation will have a registration hold placed on the student's account preventing future registrations until an approved Academic Plan of Action (APA) is filed with the School of Computing. The Suspension Review Committee (SRC) must approve the APA before the registration hold will be lifted. APAs not filed at least ten business days before the beginning of the semester will experience delays in their ability to register for classes for that semester. The onus is on students to acknowledge their probationary status and file an APA as soon as possible to avoid any registration issues caused by the registration hold.


Students who meet the University's criteria for academic suspension will be suspended. Students must have been on probation at least one semester prior for this to be the case; thus, no exceptions will be made to this rule under any circumstances, i.e. it is not appealable. Students who are suspended from the University for their first time will be considered "First-Time Suspensions," and students who are suspended from the University for their second time will be considered "Final Suspensions."

First-Time Suspensions

Students who are suspended from the University for the first time must take at least one full academic semester away from the program, i.e. a full Fall, Spring, or Summer without registering for classes. Students who wish to return to the School of Computing from a First-Time Suspension must submit a "Return from Suspension Request" (RSR) form at least ten business days prior to the start of the semester they wish to gain re-admittance. RSR forms submitted without the appropriate ten business day window will be automatically denied and students may re-apply for consideration in a future semester.


RSR forms are reviewed by the SRC on a monthly basis. The SRC will make the determination on whether to admit or deny the student to the program based on the information on their RSR and all prior academic work at UNF and other institutions. The decision of the SRC is final and is binding for the semester requested. Students may re-apply to return from suspension in a following semester using the aforementioned steps so long as they have not broken continuous enrollment. The University of North Florida defines continuous enrollment as being enrolled in classes at UNF without a break of three or more consecutive semesters.

Final Suspension

Students who are suspended for a second time and who wish to return to the School of Computing must take at least one full academic year away from UNF before re-applying to the University, paying all fees associated with re-application. This will cause an admissions referral decision to be forwarded to the School of Computing to determine whether to admit or deny the student's application. Students who have earned their Associate of the Arts (AA) degree from a State College or State University within the state of Florida, have completed all program pre-requisites as listed in the program of study's catalog entry, and who have a transfer GPA of at least 3.25, a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75, or all A's and B's in their last year of full-time enrollment at another institution will be admitted. Students who do not meet all of the aforementioned criteria will be denied admission to UNF as a Computing major.