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School of Computing Policy: Equipment and Software Resources Support for Individual Student Projects

Equipment and software resources provided by the School of Computing in support of individual student projects which are on a deadline are subject to the following restrictions:

  • the resources to be employed must already be operational when the project is proposed
  • the use of the resources will not disrupt or substantively interfere with the work of other authorized users
  • use of the resources must be scheduled in advance

Special support needs are the responsibility of the student. Any staff support provided for an individual project is limited to time-available regardless of the deadlines under which the student may be operating. Student access to equipment, software, and the campus network in support of such projects is subject to School staff supervision, and is limited to the granted permissions and schedule.


The time-line for an individual project should have enough flexibility to accommodate delays caused by unanticipated events such as project failures and scheduling conflicts. A proposed project should not rely on anything that has not been installed and tested for the project's hardware and software requirements.


If a project has special needs, the proposer must state how those needs will be met, whether through School of Computing equipment and software or otherwise.