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College of Computing, Engineering and Construction Internships

There are two types of internships: academic and non-academic.  For either type, it is the student's responsibility to secure their own internship.

We offer Handshake as a great place to start.  There, students can search for opportunities and, if desired, schedule an appointment with a Career Services Liaison.  

Our Career Services Liaison helps our students through a variety of stages in their career planning including searches for internship or cooperative education, a part-time position, or a full-time position.  We encourage all students to meet your liaison and begin planning your career path early in your program.

Academic Internship Basics For Students

Students may be able to receive academic credit for an internship that is directly related to their major.  Each major has different required criteria in order for credit to be issued.  Please read over the specific guidelines for your respective internship.  Note: with rare exceptions, all academic internships must be paid.


Academic Internships are based on full-semester periods.  As you would register for any class, you must register for the internship 'class' during regular registration periods.  

An Academic Internship class is a locked class.  This means you must apply for the internship class prior to being able to register for the class.

Academic Internship classes:

  • CIS 3949 Experiential Studies in Computer Science v. 0-3
    • Prerequisite:  Accepted in Academic Internship Program and at least six credits of core courses completed.  
    • Students will participate in supervised work experiences related to computer science.  
    • Students may repeat this course for credit, up to a total of six credit ours.
  • Academic Internship Application - Computing
  • EEL 4949 Internship Work Experience v. 0-1 - Electrical or Civil Engineering
  • EML 4949 Internship Work Experience v. 0-1 - Mechanical Engineering
    • Prerequisite: Six hours of applicable electrical, civil or mechanical engineering coursework and acceptance in the Academic Internship Program.  
    • Students will participate in practical Academic Internship engineering work under approved industrial supervision.
    • Students may repeat this course for credit, up to a total of three credit hours
  • Academic Internship Application - Engineering
Construction Management
  • BCN 4944 Construction Management Internship 
  • Prerequisite:  Permission of the instructor
Additional requirements:
  • The Academic Internship Agreement can be submitted to April Flores located in building 4 STE. 1202.

Instructions for Completing an Academic Internship Application Form*
  1. Fill out your information (at the top), and sign it.
  2. Have your employer/supervisor at work fill out their part and sign it.
  3. Get the signature of your academic advisor
  4. Get the signature of your department's chairperson or department's director (at UNF - this is your advisor's boss).
  5. If you're an international student, get the signature of the International Center
  6. Bring the form to the Career Development Center unless otherwise instructed.

a. You must get the signatures on the form in the order they appear.

b. Only after your application has been approved will the class be available for you to register.

c. Like any other class, the process will need to be completed for every additional semester you wish to receive academic internship credit.

Non-Academic Internships

Non-Academic Internships are essentially the same experience as an Academic Internship but without the academic credit component.  Students do not receive academic credit, nor are they required to work with an internship coordinator or academic advisor for approval.  The internship timeline, pay and internship job requirements are all determined by the student and the employer.


Employers Seeking Students:

The UNF College of Computing, Engineering and Construction is an excellent place for employers to recruit new employees.  Our students offer employers and excellent foundation of knowledge, understanding and insight gained from our outstanding academic programs along with a wide range of skills, abilities and values that enhance and contribute to the continued success of the companies and roles they take on.  Conversely you offer the value of real-world experience no classroom can truly emulate.


If you would like to offer an academic internship to students, in which the student gains experience and academic credit, please review the applicable academic internship information above.  It is important enough to reiterate, all CCEC majors require there internships to be a paid position, as one of the qualifying criteria, unless the partner organization is government or non-profit.
While there are no formal requirements for non-academic internships, below are generally accepted characteristics of a typical paid internship.

  • Hours: 15-30 hours per week not to interfere with classes.
  • Length: Semesters run 16 weeks start to finish so the position is generally 12 - 14 weeks.
  • Pay: The current competitive pay is $15 - $22/hr.
  • Hiring Criteria: Along with your companies desired attributes, GPA, major, graduation date and completed coursework.  

Unpaid Internships

Organizations offering unpaid internships are welcome to advertise their position(s) using Handshake and other recruitment tools.  However, it is the responsibility of your organization to ensure you are in compliance with all relevant state and federal laws, including the Fair Labor Standards Act.  This U.S. Department of Labor Fact Sheet may provide some useful information.

Finding Interns

The most effective way to market your available positions is to post for free in our online jobs database on Handshake.  Our listings are accessible by UNF students and alumni 24/7.  For more information and instructions as to how to post, contact Scott Curry via email at or call (904) 620-1350.