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Find an Internship, Co-Op or Job

All CCEC internship and job opportunities are posted on Handshake once they are received by the Career Development Center by an employer. The positions are targeted, so if you list yourself in Handshake as a current student, you will be able to view internship openings specifically for your major. If you list yourself as a graduate/alumni, you will be able to view full-time job openings that require a Bachelor's degree in your major.

Finding a Job via The CCEC Career Development Center

  1. Register at Handshake so that you will be able to search Internships and Career Opportunities!
  2. Be sure to have your resume and cover letter updated and ready to send out. Please see our sample resumes (PDF ~ 0.5 MB) for help, or call (904) 620-1350 to set up an appointment for a resume critique. 
  3. We send positions via email from time to time depending on the urgency of the position to be filled. Make sure to check your email so that you don't miss a great opportunity.
  4. When you see a position that interests you, apply quickly. Many of the positions we post are filled quite quickly, and if you hesitate you may lose the chance.
  5. Employers are on Handshake! Search the latest positions in Jacksonville, the Southeast and across the country.
  6. If you're already working at an internship, why not do it as an Academic Internship? Academic Internships earn college credit just for working at your internship.

Register at Handshake

Upload your Resume and Cover Letter to Handshake

  1. Once logged into Handshake click the "Documents" tab at the top.
  2. Click "Add New."
  3. Select a name for your document under "label."
  4. Select a document type.
  5. Click "Browse" to search for the file on your computer.
  6. Click "Submit"