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Academic Co-op Information & Forms

The College of Computing, Engineering & Construction Academic Co-op Program allows you to earn college credit while you work. Once you have acquired a Co-op position in your field, you can turn it into an Academic Co-op and earn credits for it!

The following Academic Co-op classes are available:

  • CIS 3949 Experiential Studies in Computing v.0-3
  • Prerequisite: Six hours of Computing Course work and acceptance in an Academic Co-op program
  • EEL 4949 Co-op Work Experience v. 0-1
  • Prerequisite: Six hours of electrical engineering coursework and acceptance in an Academic Co-op program. 
  • EML 4949 Co-op Work Experience v 0-1
  • Prerequisite: Six hours of electrical engineering coursework and acceptance in an Academic Co-op program.

Students will participate in practical Co-op work under approved industrial supervision. Students may repeat this course for credit, up to a total of three credit hours.

Co-ops are done on a full-semester basis and you must register for the co-op class during regular registration periods for the upcoming semester, as you would register for any other class. The Co-op class is a “locked” class, so you must first apply for the Co-op class using the appropriate application form below PRIOR to being able to register for the class: 

Instructions for Completing Academic Co-op Application

  1. Fill out the Student Information section and sign it.
  2. Have your employer/supervisor at work fill out their section and sign it.
  3. Get the signature of your Academic Advisor
  4. Get the signature of your department’s Chairperson (at school - your Advisor’s boss)
  5. If you are an international student, get the signature of the International Center.
  6. Bring the form to the Academic Co-op Coordinator, Scott Curry in Building 4, Room 2111.


  1. You must get the signatures on the form in the order that they appear.
  2. Once approved, your Advisor will then open the Co-op class, permitting you to register.
  3. For each term you want to participate you must fill out a new form. Make sure to register for the class for each term in which you wish to receive credit.