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Academic Advising

The University is committed to taking all appropriate measures to maintain the safety of the University community.  Please see Meetings During COVID for important information.


Academic Advising in the College of Computing, Engineering and Construction is provided by professionals in their respective fields, many of whom are members of our teaching faculty.  These individuals have the academic qualifications, real-world experience and are dedicated to guide each and every unique Osprey with well-informed academic advice and career guidance.


New Ospreys should meet with his or her academic advisor as early as possible, preferably before registering for their first semester at UNF.  Each student must review a degree evaluation (program of study) with his or her academic advisor in the college by the end of their first semester at UNF.  Degree evaluations are prepared after the Office of Admissions has evaluated a student's final transcript.


Visit your schools Academic Advising page by selecting the corresponding logo below.  Swoop!



Scheduling your semester classes when they are offered at different times, may require prerequisites, or may not count toward your degree, is not only a mouthful but can be awfully challenging. 

We want you to succeed.  Managing which class to take and when each semester doesn't need to be like taking a test.  As CCEC Advisors, we mean it when we say we are here to guide you through this process.  However, the first step, the most important step, is yours.  Meet with your Advisor early and often in order to facilitate a smooth process. 


As your Advising Director, It is my objective you have an advising experience you feel good about.  If there is anything you think will improve the Osprey experience, or you would simply like to rave about your Advisor, please let me know.  I welcome all suggestions and would love to pass on any positive feedback.




Jaime Oliver


CCEC Advising