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Semester Z

Summer B Experience for Engineering and Computer Science Freshman


not accepting applications for Summer 2021

What is Semester Z?

Semester Z is a six-week, credit-bearing, summer experience for incoming UNF freshman who intend to major in Engineering or Computer Science. Students who don't place into Calculus I in the fall (based on ALEKS scores) are already behind on their 4-year graduation schedule and should take advantage of Semester Z to get on track!


Semester Z is held during the Summer B term, which is the second 6 weeks of the summer schedule, and consists of MAC1147 (Pre-Calculus) and *PHY 1028 (Introduction to Physics), coordinated in content and delivery to satisfy prerequisites while specifically reinforcing the necessary skills needed to ensure success in foundation courses. Math and Physics faculty will work together in the delivery of topics with applied examples and experiential learning - based pedagogy. Students will be required to take both courses simultaneously. Scaffolding the experience with tutors, supplemental instruction, and co-curricular, cohort-building experiences will engrain valuable teamwork, study skills, and college success strategies to our freshmen.

What are the benefits of Semester Z?

Dedicated sections of Precalculus and Introduction to Physics will be taught in a coordinated way, with extra tutoring, supplemental instruction, and activities to ensure success. Co-curricular and social activities will make it fun. Scholarships will be made available to cover part of the tuition costs of Semester Z on a first-come first-served basis! Students may choose to live on-campus or off-campus. Most importantly, these are courses you are going to have to take anyway. By getting the Semester Z experience, you get back on track sooner and build a strong foundation for your degree.

Who can enroll in Semester Z?

Required for most students, take the math placement found in your UNF myWings under the Canvas tile.  When you complete the math placement, you will be given a score that you will need to include on the registration form. Students who place into Precalculus with an ALEKS math placement score between 55 and 75 are perfect candidates for Semester Z.  Go to the Placement Test Information page for details regarding math placement.  Also, any student who is bringing in dual enrollment credit for MAC 1105-College Algebra or MAC 1140-Algebra based Precalculus with a C or higher would be eligible for Semester Z.  Contact your advisor with any questions you have regarding these objectives.

How do I enroll?

Registration Form

Complete the form and email it to Melody Nauta in the CCEC Dean's Office at

For more information contact your advisor or, Coordinator of Administrative Services, Melody Nauta at (904) 620-1350, email: or Jeannie Jacobs in the First-Year Advising Office at

What Happens Next?

After UNF orientation and meeting with a First-Year Advisor, students accepted to the program will be able to enroll in their two summer B courses, MAC 1147-Precalculus and PHY 1028-Intro to Physics.


Other useful contact numbers: UNF Admissions Office (904) 620-5555, UNF First Year Advising (904) 620-1012.


*Students who do not need to take Introduction to Physics during Semester Z are welcome to register for another class instead or take MAC1147 on its own.