Service Fees

MSERF and UNF charges users for the hourly use of equipment, and for the time of technicians assisting in the preparation of samples and collection of data.  In addition, consumables and lab supplies provided by MSERF will also be expensed to users.  The fees are established in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations, and are non-negotiable.  


MSERF rates vary depending on the type of user being charged.  The user categories are as follows:


Internal User - A UNF researcher or employee using a funded research account or internal UNF account.


External SUS – A Florida State University System researcher performing university research from SUS institutions other than UNF.


External – Commercial/Industrial entities for all activities not classified as university research.


Rates are shows as hourly charges.  Minimum charge of 1 hour, billed in ½ hour increments following.


Technician rates are added to the charges shown below at $30/hr for Internal and $50/hr for both external categories.





  Description Internal External SUS External  
  MIRA3   Field Emission SEM $30.00 $110.00     $250.00  
  VEGA3   W - Variable Pressure SEM $20.00 $90.00     $200.00  
  XRD 6100   X-ray Diffractometer     $20.00 $90.00     $200.00  
  AGS-X 50kN   50kN TensileTester $15.00 $50.00     $100.00  
  UV3600   UV-Vis Spectrometer $20.00 $100.00     $150.00  
  AIM9000   FTIR Microsope $20.00 $100.00     $200.00  
  HMV G21 FA   Microhardness Tester $10.00 $40.00     $80.00  
  Nikon Epiphot   Optical Metallograph $10.00 $20.00     $50.00  
  VTF   Atomosphere Controlled Furnace $5.00 $40.00     $40.00  
  Sample Coating   Gold/Carbon Coater $10.00 $40.00     $90.00  
  TechCut   Low Speed Wafering Saw $5.00 $30.00     $50.00  
  MetPrep3 w/Powerhead   Autopolisher $10.00 $40.00         $90.00  
  Vibromet II   Vibratory Polisher $5.00 $20.00     $50.00  
  Workstation   PC for Data Processing $5.00 $10.00     $25.00