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Mission and Goals

Our Mission:

The Materials Science and Engineering Research Facility (MSERF) enables advanced materials characterization fabrication and analytical techniques for the UNF research community and beyond. MSERF is a collaborative, multi-user facility that supports education and research efforts across all materials science and engineering related disciplines. MSERF also serves as a resource to the private sector through analytical services in materials and manufacturing research, development, process control and quality assurance

Our Goals:

  • Support research of UNF faculty by providing comprehensive facilities for advanced materials fabrication and characterization
  • Aid in obtaining funded research at UNF through focused grant production in materials innovation related topics
  • Maintain a suite of the most advanced tools and methods for materials research through ongoing strategic partnerships with manufacturers of electron microscopy and analytical equipment
  • Develop educations programs at the undergraduate, graduate and continuing education levels to support advanced manufacturing and materials innovation needs of the region and beyond.