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Center for Community-Based Learning

Community Engagement Conference Travel Award Program

The Community Engagement Conference Travel Award Program supports the community engagement scholarship and professional development of UNF faculty, staff, and affiliated faculty/staff community partners. Preference in the awarding of travel funds is given to sponsored UNF students and individuals who are traveling to disseminate community engagement scholarship (e.g., presentations/workshops, papers, and posters at professional conferences that primarily focus on community engagement).

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year, and there are a limited number of awards provided each fiscal year.

At this time, the Center is unable to award any travel award grants for Fiscal Year 2022 (July 2021 - June 2022). 
Applications will still be accepted in the off chance money becomes available.

Community Engagement Conference Travel Award Application

Visit the Conferences and Publication Opportunities for Engaged Scholarship website for a list of opportunities.

  • Eligibility

    To apply and be considered for the Community Engagement Conference Travel Award Program, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • Applicant must be an UNF faculty or staff member, who is under contract during the time period of the funding award.
    • UNF faculty or staff member may request travel support on behalf of a community partner, or UNF graduate or undergraduate student, to co-present at a community engagement conference.
    • Applicant must have an accepted proposal to a national or regional professional conference that focuses primarily on community engagement.

    A list of known conferences with a focus on community engagement can be found on the Conferences and Publication Opportunities for Engaged Scholarship website. In addition, other conferences may be considered for funding if the theme focuses on community engagement.

    Applicant’s accepted proposal must have a significant community engagement component.

    Support for any individual presentation is limited based on available funds at time of application.
  • Review Criteria

    The Center for Community-Based Learning staff will review all submissions for completeness, presence of community-engagement components and soundness of budget.

    Applicants who are presenting a session must clearly articulate how the presentation is directly related to research on or programming focused on community engagement. Applications for attending disciplinary conferences must provide evidence that the primary focus of the majority of the conference is on community engagement in a higher education setting.

    Preference is given to applications for UNF faculty and staff members, as well as their affiliated community partners and/or UNF students:

    • who are making a conference presentation or workshop on scholarship or programming models directly related to community engagement rather than a poster.
    • who are receiving an award for excellence in an activity directly related to community engagement.
    • who have a travel funding match from their home department.
  • Funding Process and Availability

    Conference travel request awards will be made at a maximum of $1,500.

    The Center for Community-Based Learning will not manage travel for UNF Faculty or staff directly.  Your home department must manage your official UNF travel request and returning expense reports.  Expenses will be allocated to CCBL through the Concur system.

    The Center for Community-Based Learning will be able to manage the travel process and arrangements for community partners and students.

    Once your Community Engagement Conference Travel Award is approved by the Center for Community-Based Learning, your home department will need to create and get approved a T ravel Request through Concur for travel to the approved conference .  Through the new Concur system,  it is possible to “allocate” the expenses directly to the Center for Community-Based Learning’s E&G account during both the Travel Request and travel Expense Report stages. The Center will provide you the correct account index to associate with your travel segments and expenses. Concur will automatically add the Center to your travel request (and later expense report) routing. This process within Concur is the most efficient method to insure that approved travel expenses related to the community engagement conference come out of the Center’s budget and not your home departments. Any questions regarding the Funding Process may be directed to the Center’s office manager at 904-620-3546.

    Travel must be completed by June 1 of the fiscal year of the request.

    In order to support as many UNF faculty and staff applicants as possible, individuals can only receive one travel award per fiscal year.

  • Budget and Allowable Costs
    Requested funds may be used for travel transportation, conference registration, lodging, per diem and other associated travel costs associated with the accepted proposal.
  • Application Submission

    Only completed applications with all required confirmations will be considered.

    Community Engagement Conference Travel Award Program Application