UNF Community Engagement Projects Inventory

The Center for Community-Based Learning is actively collecting information on community engagement projects that were led or organized by UNF faculty, staff, and/or students. The information shared will be used to support UNF's applications for community engagement honors and awards such as the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification and the President's National Community Service Honor Roll. Additionally, project reports from UNF faculty and staff will also provide a basis for regional, state and national award nominations as well as stories that can highlight UNF's community connections through the UNF homepage, the Spinnaker, or other outlets. 


We are asking for information on Community Engagement projects that occurred between July 1st and June 30th of the designated academic year. Community Engagement Projects are activities and events sponsored by UNF (course, department, club, unit or office) that engages students in one or more types of community-based activities that benefit the larger Jacksonville community and beyond.


The following types of activities fit well into Community Engagement: 

  • Volunteering. 
  • Philanthropy. 
  • Community service. 
  • Alternative spring breaks.
  • Study abroad service trips. 
  • Service-learning. 
  • Public awareness/education activities. 
  • Community project capstones. 
  • Civic engagement projects. 
  • Practicums. 
  • Community-based action and/or participatory research projects. 

Projects can be thought of in two different ways: 1) Individual Project - capturing a single event/activity (e.g. Dance Marathon, school tutoring project, Relay for Life) or 2) Broad Project Theme - capturing multiple events/activities (e.g. Honors Refugee Resettlement Project, Better Together Club year-long project on Humanizing Homelessness). For a better understanding of UNF’s gateways to community engagement and community-based transformational learning please go to "What is Community-Based Transformational Learning" on our website.


The information you share will help clarify the breadth and depth of Community Engagement at UNF and allow the full story of this great work to be known. For more information about the UNF Community Engagement Projects Inventory, please contact Ryan Doan (l.ryan.doan@unf.edu or (904) 620-3547).