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A Message for Students

The world is a different place than it was pre-COVID-19. As the pandemic continues to change our world in various ways, we are challenged to explore the notions of community in this new context. There is no doubt that it will take some time for things to seem "normal" again. It seems we are on the right path as Fall 2021 is right around the corner and UNF is ready to welcome back its employees and students to campus.


During this past year, many have experienced loss. It might have been the loss of a ritual, like walking the stage during graduation. It might have been the loss or postponement of an experience, like studying abroad, for example. It might have been the loss of a loved one. At points in time, you might have experienced grief, guilt, fear, frustration, despair, disappointment. These are normal emotions under the circumstances, and you are not the only one to have these experiences. We have compiled some University and other resources for you to explore and to provide support as we begin the process of reentering our University community.


If you have the means and opportunity to help others, then a portion of this web page provides some ways you can assist on a local and national level through virtual formats. If you are ready to go into the community physically to serve, then do so while respecting the wishes and policies of those you are serving.


Individuals have experienced the pandemic differently. For some, their lives might not have changed. For others, their lives are drastically different. How people re-enter the University community will also vary. What is most important to know is that we are here for you. UNF is here for you. If you have suggestions of things you would like to see or that would be helpful, please send them to us at


If you would like more information about how UNF is handling COVID-19, we encourage you to visit the University's COVID-19 web page:

Virtual Service or Community Engagement Opportunities

Additional Resources