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The Power of Leadership

Purpose: To encourage participants to think about leadership and power with a fresh perspective. 


Overview: This simulation of an organization is played in rounds and governed by two types of rules: inherited rules and the laws of nature. The laws of nature are the permanent rules that govern the simulation and cannot be changed by the group. The inherited rules can be changed at the end of each round.  Each round has four sessions – a trading session, a group scoring session, a planning session and a rule making session.  Students have to communicate, analyze and fix systems, make decisions, allocate resources, plan, deal with ambiguity, and manage conflict as they try to fix their “sick” organization.  To do this, teams collect as many points as they can by trading chips during trading sessions and claiming territories during the group session. 


Reflection: The end of the simulation includes a series of questions divided into several categories designed to help students unpack their simulation experience.