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Rafa Rafa

Purpose: To illustrate the difficulties and problems one may encounter when interacting with persons who are different from us.  To introduce the importance of speaking in descriptive rather than evaluative terms when talking about other people. To serve as a beginning point for studying certain characteristics, values, and qualities in different cultures.


Overview:   Participants are divided into two groups and each group is instructed in a new and different way of living.  The Alpha Culture is fun loving, superstitious, honor their elders and enjoy touching one another.  The Beta Culture is hard-working, businesslike, foreign speaking and do not like to be close to one another. 


Observers from each group are exchanged to try to learn about the other group by listening and watching.  After a short visit, they return home and report their findings.  Visitors are then exchanged to “live” among the “foreigner”.  These visitors are encouraged to interact with their hosts.  Once every member of the group has had the chance to be an observer or a visitor, the game is ended.


Reflection: A post-game discussion takes place to process the ideas and feelings created by the experience.