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Simulation Activities

Simulations encourage participants to consider different perspectives, strategies, communication techniques and leadership styles.  The Center for Community-Based Learning (CCBL) offers the simulations listed below as tools to faculty and staff as resources to prepare students for community-based learning experiences. To borrow a simulation from the CCBL library, please contact the Center for Community-Based Learning or (904) 620-3545. 

Bridge It

Purpose: To encourage participants to communicate and to work together.  To help participants understand some of the obstacles impoverished cities face when improving their infrastructure.


Where Do You Draw the Line

Where Do You Draw the Line?

Purpose: To gather an assortment of judgments by the participants about the behavior of other persons and to use those judgments as data for examining both the “is” and the “should be”. 




Purpose: To help people from different cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, races, disciplines, ethnic backgrounds, genders, and religions create understanding, reduce conflict and learn how to reap the rich rewards of realistic and thoughtful cooperation. 



Rafa Rafa

Purpose: To illustrate the difficulties and problems one may encounter when interacting with persons who are different from us.  To introduce the importance of speaking in descriptive rather than evaluative terms when talking about other people. To serve as a beginning point for studying certain characteristics, values, and qualities in different cultures.


Star Power

Star Power

Purpose: To mimic the real-life obstacles people face in their quest to move up in society.  
Power of Leadership

The Power of Leadership

Purpose: To encourage participants to think about leadership and power with a fresh perspective. 
Guns or Butter

Guns or Butter

Purpose: To see if participants can set goals for their country and then take actions that help their country meet its goals.  To analyze the methods and strategies one uses to reach their goals.