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SWOOP Day, ‘Service With Our Osprey Partners’, is a student-participatory day of service that fosters community engagement with local non-profit organizations as an educational component of community service. This day of service is intended to expand the student outreach from campus departments at the University of North Florida (UNF).


SWOOP Day was established to address several different community concerns within Jacksonville, and focuses on topics included, but not limited to: environmental health, military and veterans, animal welfare, financial literacy, and international relations. In the 2018-2019 academic year, the first annual SWOOP Day event will emphasize the theme, “Hands-On Service.” UNF campus departments, volunteers, and community partners will be working together to complete a meaningful project, determined by the community partner as a ‘need’. Participants will also concentrate on working together and discover the importance of what it means to be community engaged.

SWOOP Day Schedule 

SWOOP Day migrated south and is in a prolonged nesting stage, but it will be back in 2022!


For more information about SWOOP Day, please contact the Center for Community-Based Learning at