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Osprey Scavenger Hunt


October 26, 2020 - November 13, 2020

What’s the Big Deal? [Overview]

The Center for Community-Based Learning wants you to connect and share with others how you are engaging with UNF and the community. Over three weeks, participate in the posted activities to gain as many points as possible. To get credit, you must post a photo of yourself participating or the activity to Instagram with #OspreyScavengerHunt, @unfccbl, and the handle for the office hosting the event (if available).


Approved opportunities and instructions are listed below. Please only post photos that would make our UNF community proud!

How Do I Play? [Instructions/Rules]

Complete the activity, take a photo, and post using the hashtag and handle. That's it!


When you post your photo to Instagram, make sure it has the following information:

  • #OspreyScavengerHunt, @unfccbl, and the handle for the office/dept hosting the event.
  • What activity you are completing.
  • Something you learned or found fun from participating.

Participants with high point totals will be eligible for various prizes and acknowledgments. In case of ties, the more activities completed and most Likes on contest posts will determine winners.

Why Should I Play? [Incentives]

Why not?! First, you can win some UNF swag, gift cards, and more. Second, it will give you a chance to check out and participate in some cool events being hosted at UNF and in the community. Third, you might learn something exciting and new. Finally, you could get the most points making you the recipient of the secret top prize.

If I Win, How Will I Know? [Announcement]

Winners will be notified by November 20, 2020 by Instagram message. If you want to earn points (and not be disqualified for bad behavior), you must follow the associated rules and keep all your photos appropriate for Ospreys of all ages.

Osprey Scavenger Hunt Rules

Violations are subject to disqualification and could be referred to Student Conduct. The Center for Community-Based Learning reserves the right to disqualify any entry.

  1. Anyone can participate, but only enrolled UNF students are eligible to win.
  2. Absolutely no alcohol, drugs, or profanity in images or accompanying posts.
    1. Entries must be a positive representation of UNF and our values.
    2. Entries may not represent or celebrate any behaviors that are illegal or violate the student code of conduct.
    3. When in doubt, leave it out!
  3. Any photos taken in public spaces must follow UNF guidelines for COVID-19, masked and social distanced.
  4. Make UNF proud!
    1. Keep posts PG.
    2. This is a UNF event, so please do not wear clothing that represents other colleges/universities.

screenshot of an instagram post from last year

Osprey Scavenger Hunt Opportunities

To earn points, take a photo of yourself completing the activity and post the image in Instagram using #OspreyScavengerHunt, @unfccbl, and the host office/department for the activity (if possible).

25 Points

50 Points

100 Points

200 Points

OSPREYS! Ready! Set! Go!


October 26, 2020 - November 13, 2020