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OspreyImpact is the easiest way to track the service you are doing as a UNF student.  Whether it is with your club, a class, fraternity/sorority, or on your own, do not forget to log your time as a volunteer.  The system is simple and easy to use and can be accessed on- and off-campus.  The best part is it tracks your service throughout your entire time as a UNF student.  You will have a permanent record of your service for every IMPACT you put in the system.

This is pretty cool!  What else can it do?

Well, we are glad you like it!  OspreyImpact tracks your service hours and provides quick graphs of your number of IMPACTS per month, number of HOURS per month, and TOTAL number of hours.   

You can export your IMPACTS into excel or generate a summary report in a pdf document.  You can use these documents for scholarship or leadership applications that require service and while meeting with your Career Services Advisor to craft your resume or prepare for an interview.


By clicking on “Get Involved” at the top of the main landing page, you can look for volunteer opportunities in the Jacksonville area.  You can search by zip code or keywords and the map provides information about available events and groups.


Administrators can create events, manage users, send surveys, and interact with your group members.  Admins can also input “Group Impacts” for an event, pull attendance, track overall service for group members and instantly see the economic value of service contributed.

Want to be an administrator for a group, club, or office?

Great!  Contact to sign-up for a training session.  People can only become administrators after completing a training. Trainings are hosted monthly. 


Banner alt text: Go to your MyWings account, select Student Life and Activities Tile. Then select OspreyImpact in pop up window. Log in at the top right of the page, then log in with your UNF N number and password.