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Ricky Taylor - Academic Major: Criminal Justice - Engagement Focus: Volunteerism; Service

A College of Arts and Sciences Department of Criminal Justice, graduate from Yulee, Florida, has shown great dedication to the community of northeast Florida as a volunteer coach and employee of the State Attorney's Office representing both Duval and Nassau County. For over six years, Ricky has maintained employment as a Paralegal for the State Attorney's Office involved in the prosecution of high level criminal offenses including homicide and violations of criminal gang statutes. Along the way, Ricky has gained membership to the UNF chapter of the National Criminal Justice Honor Society (Alpha Phi Sigma) and has volunteered for the non-profit, Fort Caroline Athletic Association, as a baseball coach and the Yulee Athletic Association as the head coach of six and under football. Ricky believes that the aforementioned activities have served to better both the communities of Jacksonville and Yulee, Florida. Ricky's community engagement has aided his status as a student in offering an applied focus of criminal justice and modeling the importance of a solid educational foundation to upcoming youth. Finally, Ricky knows that his community experiences have impacted his future by sharpening his focus on causes of crime and how beneficial working with youth can be in deterring them from future criminal behavior.