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Robert Rosales - Academic Major: School Counseling; Engagement Focus: Community-Based Immersion, Community-Based Learning, and Service

Robert Rosales, a UNF Master of Education in School Counseling graduate from Jacksonville, Florida, has participated in numerous experiences that have helped the school counseling community in Jacksonville and beyond.  Robert has participated in the ‘Finding Hope and Creating Possibilities in Organizations that are Reluctant and Resistant to Change’ event, he has traveled to New York City and worked with international students as a way to broaden his ability to work with similar cultures here in Jacksonville, and lastly, has had a life changing experience in an undergraduate senior seminar class called “Reading Matters”, which metamorphosed (medəˈmôrˌfōzed) Robert’s view of the world and illuminated the inequalities and social injustices in our educational system. In fact, since that course, Robert has spent the past two years crusading as an advocate for student equality while trying to empower students with the tools needed to make positive impacts in their life and learning.  Robert stated that his time at UNF has been immeasurable and that it exemplifies the thought that one is never too old, stagnate, or stubborn to have their worldview changed.