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Sean Lahav - Academic Major: Political Science and Public Administration; Engagement Focus: Community-Based Work-Study and Service

Sean Lahav, a UNF Department of Political Science and Public Administration graduate from Boynton Beach, Florida, has shown great dedication to the community by working as a project leader in the Environmental Leadership Program administered by the UNF Environmental Center. Over the span of an entire year, Sean produced, filmed, and narrated an entire 20-episode film series highlighting the ecology, natural beauty, and history behind the city, state, and national parks of Duval County, Florida. Through his work with the Public Trust Environmental Legal Institute of Florida, Sean set out to inspire the greater Northeast Florida community to explore, protect, and cherish the incredible park system found here in Jacksonville.  As a student of political science, Sean aims to get objectives done through teamwork and the development of relationships, and as a global citizen, he hopes to one day inspire people to look past their differences and work together towards the greater good.