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Rebecca Lamoreaux - Academic Major: Nursing; Engagement Focus: Community-Based Learning and Service

Rebecca Lamoreaux, a UNF School of Nursing graduate from Mckinleyville, California, has shown great dedication working with veterans in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine communities through her service to the Military Veteran Resource Center and Veteran Affairs Home Based Primary Care (HBPC).  Rebecca has been engaged in service to the veterans most in need in the local community and serves as a coordinating leader to fellow UNF students involved in VA Home Base Primary Care.  She admits that her experiences have expanded her horizons and knowledge as well as eased her ability to work with people from different countries, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, and physical and mental disabilities.  These experiences have not only deepened her commitment to the field of nursing, but enriched her life and strengthened the importance of continuing to collaborate with others to address issues in society.