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Lindsey Mahoney - Academic Major: Business Management; Engagement Focus: Research, Service, and Volunteerism

Lindsey Mahoney, a UNF Department of Management graduate from Orlando, FL has portrayed hard work and devotion to the various organizations she has served in her community. Some of these include Children’s Miracle Network, The Humane Society, The Delores Bare Weaver Policy Center, Head Start, Habitat for Humanity, and Coggin Ambassadors.  During her time at UNF, Lindsey has been presented with knowledge on interdependence, communication, and leadership, all contributing to her volunteer ethic.  She has identified her ability to better recognize how different citizens can be from one another, and her social responsibility to work with others and make a positive impact.  Lindsey plans to continue to be involved in the Jacksonville community and feels she has a calling for social welfare.  She is determined to create change in the lives of others, especially those who struggle to have their voice heard.