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In alignment with UNF’s mission, the Osprey Community Engagement Medallion recognizes students who demonstrate exemplary commitment to the greater Jacksonville community through activities such as community-based learning, volunteerism, community or social advocacy, community-based Federal work-study, and political engagement during their years as a UNF student.


Applications for Fall 2022 are available until November 4, 2022.



The Center for Community-Based Learning recognizes up to 25 graduating students each semester who greatly excel in engagement and service to their community by awarding the Osprey Community Engagement Medallion.  Students awarded the Osprey Community Engagement Medallion demonstrate excellence and exhibit personal development, intellectual growth, and positive community impact resulting from their community engagement experiences. Recipients are expected to have engaged in a variety of activities demonstrating the diversity of commitment in serving their communities while making a significant investment to at least one community-based experience over time.


Upon completion of the application process, students who are selected will receive their medallions at a special ceremony, and may proudly wear their medallions at UNF’s commencement ceremony.  


For any questions about the Osprey Community Engagement Medallion please contact the Center for Community-Based Learning or call (904) 620-3545.

Osprey Community Engagement Medallion Recipients