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Johnson & Johnson 3-D Printing Center of Excellence


The School of Engineering at the University of North Florida provides hands-on learning in coastal engineering, or in material science research and, for the past three year, in the Johnson & Johnson 3-D Printing Laboratory.  This space provides cooperative educational and research opportunities for University undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty researchers in the engineering, chemistry, biology and physics disciplines.


This partnership is an example of a public-private collaboration that helps meet northeast Florida’s need for STEM professionals.  It provides a cutting-edge education to UNF students, preparing them for careers in aeronautical, automotive and advanced manufacturing companies. Overall, the on-campus facility provides UNF students access equipment and processes that would not be available without the support of Johnson & Johnson and its employees.


An important additional resource comes from Johnson & Johnson professional staff on campus. Having cutting edge 3D printing and material analysis equipment and highly trained plus specialized J&J staff on campus expands the research capacity of UNF in this field.


Research from this partnership is unparalleled in the state and, perhaps, the nation.  The partnership is integral to the University’s Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Innovation (AMMI) Initiative, which the state of Florida has funded at $855,000 per year. J&J has directly funded over $140,000 in research by UNF faculty.  In addition, J&J directly contracts with UNF’s Materials Science and Engineering Research Facility (part of AMMI).  In 2017-2018, alone this activity brought in more than $35,000 to CCEC.


This partnership allows our graduates to compete in the 21st century global economy, which requires a strong workforce trained in modern manufacturing techniques.  3D printing has the potential to transform manufacturing industries. Because of the J&J partnership, numerous supply-chain companies are now doing business in Jacksonville. It is anticipated that students graduating with experience from the J&J partnership will provide approximately 30 additional professionals during the next five years, ready for positions that are crucial to aeronautical, automotive and advanced manufacturing companies. 



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