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Give to CCBL

Why Give?

A top priority of the University of North Florida is providing students with rich, real-world opportunities that enhance their learning, personal development, and community involvement while contributing to the greater well-being of others.

At UNF, community-based transformational learning provides students the opportunity to directly participate in dynamic activities and experiences where they can learn, while also serving the community.

You can make Community Engagement opportunities accessible for all UNF students!

Impact on Jacksonville (16-17 Academic Year)

Students involved in Community Engagement at UNF heavily invest their time and energy into the Northeast Florida Region and beyond…

  • 21,077 times UNF students were engaged in the community
  • UNF students participated in 1,149 different Community Engagement opportunities
  • Their service represents over $22.5 million in economic value*
  • Total recorded hours – 989,184

*Based on Independent Sector’s 2016 value of volunteer time of $22.70 per hour in the state of Florida 

Why this Matters

Community Engagement is not only good for Northeast Florida it is great for UNF students. The more students we can get involved in community engagement activities the more successful they are.

  • Retention Rate - 13% higher than other students (based on 15-16 data)

Additionally, a rich and diverse community engagement experience is an important feature of a UNF education. Every day we are working to broaden and deepen community engagement efforts at UNF and compare our progress to trends in the National Campus Compact’s Annual survey.


How you can Help

The easiest, most direct way to make a gift to the Center for Community-Based Learning is to give online using the link below.  Gifts can also be made by personal check, through credit/debit card transactions, cashier’s checks, or money orders made payable to The University of North Florida.


Your contributions will go directly to offsetting costs to students by either directly paying for or providing scholarships to cover: 

  • Transportation to and from Days of Service 
  • Travel and lodging costs for Alternative Breaks  
  • Registration, travel and lodging costs for Community Engagement Conference participation  
  • Community Engagement Leadership Awards and Scholarships 

For questions regarding giving opportunities for the Center for Community-Based Learning, please contact Kathleen Leone at (904) 620-1838 or, or Lorin Theis at (904) 620-3019 or


Every donor, every gift, makes a BIG difference to students and the community!