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Engagement Scholarship Program

**Please note: This program was active from Spring 2015 - Spring 2017.


The Engagement Scholarship Program was a multidisciplinary, professional community of practice focusing on the scholarship of engagement and concentrating on two specific categories of the scholarship of engagement: (1) Community-Based Research and (2) the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning relating to community-based pedagogy. Participants developed, planned, implemented, and prepared for public dissemination the results of their engaged scholarship efforts. Faculty members received a $2,000 stipend and a Community Engagement Travel Award up to $1,750 during the program to support a presentation of their Engagement Scholarship produced during the program at one of the international, national or regional professional conferences that focuses primarily on community engagement. (List of conferences is available.) The Engagement Scholarship Program was organized and implemented through a collaboration between the Center for Community-Based Learning and the Office of Faculty Enhancement (OFE)

UNF’s Engagement Scholarship Cohort Participants:

  • pursued a research agenda focusing on CBR or SoTL in the area of community-engaged teaching and learning through a process of sustained inquiry and collaboration in a collegial environment throughout the duration of the program;
  • participated in 4, day-long workshops scheduled throughout the duration of the program;
  • submitted an approved IRB application or completed Grant Proposal related to a research agenda that focused on CBR or SoTL in the area of community-engaged teaching and learning during the program;
  • participated in a day-long writing retreat during spring break in the 2nd year of the program that focused on disseminating research findings for both academic and community use.



For more information about the history of the Engagement Scholarship Program e-mail Heather Burk.


See lists of all cohort participants.