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shot of the Constitution starting with the phrase- We the People
Constitution Week 2021 
Friday, September 17 - Thursday, September 23

Wednesday, September 15, Midnight Deadline

UNF Constitution Week Essay Contest - Win a $100 Scholarship!

Respond to this question: The Constitution provides a framework for voters to elect their leaders, but what should guide these leaders' decisions: their personal consciences, the will of their constituents, or what James Madison called "a spirit of compromise" in order to solve the nation's problems? In short, which is most vital for a good government: conscience, constituents, or compromise?

Constitution Week Essay Contest Entry

Please submit your essay no later than midnight on September 15, 2021. Essays should be approximately 500 words, typed in a 12-point font and double-spaced. Contest is open to undergraduates. The winner will be announced at Popcorn and Politics event on Monday, September 20 at 7:00P.M.

Scholarship sponsored by Undergraduate Studies.


Monday, September 20, 6:00P.M. on Instagram

Monday Night Virtual Trivia with Osprey Life and Productions

Join representatives from We the People..., CEEP, CVP, FL-PIRG, & OCAs, as they "take over" OLPs Monday Night Trivia with a US Constitution theme. To participate, make sure you follow @unfccbl and @unfolp on Instagram.


Monday, September 20,  7:00P.M. - 8:00P.M. @ Thomas G. Carpenter Library, Room 2102A

Popcorn and Politics: We've Got Your Number
Hot Takes on the Most Underrated Constitutional Amendments

Dr. Sean Freeder, Prof. Adrienne Lerner, and Prof. Jimmy Midyette

The political science and public law faculty make their case for the underrated, neglected, and underappreciated amendments that most impact our politics and lives. Audience vote determines the winning amendment!


Tuesday, September 21, TBA

Register to Vote!

Join the Campus Vote Project and Campus Election Engagement Project interns who will assist students with registering to vote.

More information can be found by following #ospreyvoice on Instagram.


Wednesday, September 22, 11:00A.M. - 1:00P.M. @ John A. Delaney Student Union Plaza

Get Your Pocket Constitution!

Stop by the CCBL table on Market Day and pick up your very own pocket Constitution.