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Radha Pyati

Dr. Radha Pyati is Professor and Chair of the UNF Department of Chemistry. She earned her B.S. in Chemistry at the Ohio State University and her Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After serving on the faculty of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs for several years, she joined UNF in 2008 and directed the UNF Environmental Center until 2013, when she began chairing her department.


Dr. Pyati is an analytical chemist by training and has led a regional scientist team writing the State of the Lower St. Johns River Basin Report since 2008. This work has involved community partners such as the City of Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board. She also teaches an upper-level chemistry elective CHM 4615 Environmental Chemistry, into which she has incorporated economic, historical, and legal aspects of the environment.

Dr. Pyati’s project is to incorporate CBTL elements into the CHM 4615 course.