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Alan Harris, PhD - Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering

Alan Harris is a native of Johannesburg, South Africa.   Dr. Harris completed his bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics at the University of Central Oklahoma, his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, both at the University of Oklahoma.   In graduate school, Dr. Harris’ work concentrated on optical communications, with a focus in mobile free-space optical communications systems.   Following graduate school, he taught as an adjunct at both the University of Oklahoma and the University of Central Oklahoma before joining the University of North Florida.   Dr. Harris is currently an Associate Professor in the Electrical Engineering Program and serves as the Electrical Engineering Program Coordinator.   He also functions as the vice-chair of the IEEE Jacksonville Professional Section.


Dr. Harris first became involved in community-based learning when he taught an undergraduate course funded by a TLO and UNF Parking Services in which a class of students designed, built, and tested a monitoring system for a UNF parking garage. Following this experience, he participated in the UNF STEM Fellows program in which he redesigned the Electrical Engineering Senior Capstone Design sequence of courses to be community-based courses. During the same time frame, Dr. Harris co-taught a community-based field trip course in sustainable design in which interdisciplinary engineering students traveled to the southwest of the US and participated in multiple field trips and design experiences. For the last 3 years, Dr. Harris has been the instructor for the Electrical Engineering Senior Capstone Design classes  and, together with Dr. Paul Eason from Mechanical Engineering, has been able to secure over $300,000 of funding from Vistakon to continue to expand on the industry relationship between the senior capstone design courses and local engineering companies and non-profit organizations.


As a Community Scholar, Dr. Harris has looked to start publishing results from community-based engineering courses in archival engineering literature. During this process, he has also participated in the Engagement Scholarship Program to gain further knowledge of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. During this year, he has co-authored a journal paper covering the southwest field trip class, and is c urrently seeking IRB approval (collaboratively with Dr. Paul Eason) to collect and publish data from the senior capstone classes relating student learning outcomes to community-based projects.




Course syllabi for EEL4914 and EEL 4915

Copy of journal paper from TLO Field Trip Class