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Michelle Boling, PhD - Associate Professor, Director of Athletic Training Program

Michelle Boling, PhD 

Associate Professor, Director of Athletic Training Program 

Michelle Boling earned her BA in Exercise and Sport Science from UNC Chapel Hill, a MS degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion from the University of Kentucky, and her Ph.D. in Human Movement Science from UNC Chapel Hill. Her research area focuses on understanding what predisposes young adults to chronic knee pain.  


Dr. Boling believes there is no better way for students to learn than to apply the knowledge and skills they gain in the classroom to real life situations. Students in the athletic training program have the opportunity to apply their clinical skills in prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries and conditions on a daily basis when working with physically active individuals in the Jacksonville community. Dr. Boling states that her “…goal is for each student to have multiple transforming experiences during their time in Athletic Training program that will help to shape the rest of their lives as a healthcare provider.” 


Dr. Boling is hoping to build upon the community-based activities her students currently participate in and collaborate with additional healthcare professionals in the community to help her students understand where they fit in the bigger picture of healthcare