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Debbie Reed, EdD - Instructor, Exceptional, Deaf & Interpreter Education

Debbie Reed, Ed.D.

Instructor, Exceptional, Deaf & Interpreter Education


Debbie Reed received her B.A. from the University of Richmond and her M.S. from Virginia Commonwealth University. She eventually went on to receive her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from UNF. 


Dr. Reed has worked in the education and social service fields for many years and currently teaches in UNF’s Department of Exceptional, Deaf & Interpreter Education. Through her teaching position with UNF, she has taught as a Professor in Residence at Lake Shore Middle School in Jacksonville, Florida. The position involves working with the middle school in a professional development school context.  The school is a center school for students with moderate to severe disabilities resulting in a large influx of students with autism and other intellectual disabilities from other school zones. Since 2011, Dr. Reed has worked with teacher candidates at Lake Shore Middle School to tutor and mentor the middle school students. Her courses include:  Teaching students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities, Cooperative Consultation in Exceptional Student Education, Curriculum and Instruction for Learners with Exceptionalities and Math/Science methods for learners with Exceptionalities.


Dr. Reed has partnered with the Center for Community-Based Learning over the last several years as a Community Scholar, Community Engagement Council member and as a STEM Fellow.  She has also participated in the University-wide assessment process for community-based learning outcomes. Dr. Reed recently reflected on her experiences with community-based learning and indicated a commitment to the pedagogy because of the impact it has on her students. She believes it is an effective instructional strategy to teach course content and social values, and has aligned her community-based activities to meet the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) standards for pre-service teachers.


As part of her time as a Community Scholar, Dr. Reed redesigned her Cooperative Consultation course to include community-based transformational learning. The purpose of the course is for teacher candidates to learn how to effectively collaborate and communicate with various partners including peers, the community, students, faculty, and administration which made for a perfect connection with Lake Shore Middle School. As a result of her experiences, Dr. Reed has now begun work on a research agenda that focuses on community-based learning in professional development schools.