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Connie Roush PhD, RN - Associate Professor and Community-Based Clinical Faculty, Nursing

Connie Roush Ph. D., RN

Associate Professor and Community-Based Clinical Faculty - Nursing


Dr. Connie Roush earned her MS in Nursing & Family Health Promotion from the University of San Diego and her PhD in Nursing from the University of Washington. She left Seattle for the east coast to be closer to family and ultimately decided that UNF was the best fit for her because the faculty were excellent and they had a strong Home Base Nursing program. As a Community-Based Clinical Nursing faculty member, she has worked with the Pine Forest community for the last six years. 


For Dr. Roush, being an effective nurse requires more than what books and lectures can offer. She wants her students to understand what she calls “ecological thinking” - that every person and every family has a story that shapes how they view the world. Community-based learning pushes her students to see the bigger picture. They become aware of their assumptions and prejudices as they seek to hear their patients’ stories and they get to see the difference they make.  


As a Community Scholar, Dr. Roush is bringing her community partners together to identify priority health issues in the community and to plan an agenda for the “Healthy Pine Forest Initiative” for the next two years.