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Jennifer Spaulding-Givens, PhD, MSW - Assistant Professor, Social Work

Jennifer Spaulding-Givens, PhD, MSW

Assistant Professor, Social Work  

Dr. Spaulding-Givens earned a BA in Anthropology, a Master of Social Work with a concentration in social policy and analysis, and a PhD in Social Work from Florida State University. She joined UNF as an Instructor and the Social Welfare Program Director in 2006 and was promoted to a tenure track position as an Assistant Professor in 2011. She served as the inaugural Program Director of the Bachelor of Social Work Program from 2011 to 2017.


To Dr. Spaulding-Givens, social work is unique in its commitment to social justice and its holistic approach to improving the quality of life of those who are impoverished, marginalized, and oppressed. She believes that community-based transformational learning (CBTL) is integral to the education and professional socialization of social work students, allowing them to practice and refine interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills and to become more engaged in serving vulnerable populations. As such, she tries to integrate some form of CBTL into all of her classes, whether they be through short-term, collaborative student projects with local nonprofit organizations or semester-long, agency-based internships.


Dr. Spaulding-Givens focused her time as a Community Scholar on enhancing the CBTL component of Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities by developing new reflective assignments and authentic assessment strategies.