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Barbara Olinzock, EdD, MSN, BSN - Associate Professor, Nursing

Barbara Olinzock, EdD, MSN, BSN

Associate Professor, Nursing


Barbara Olinzock graduated with a B.S.N. and an M.S.N. in Nursing from Wayne State University before coming to the University of North Florida to pursue her Doctorate in Educational Leadership and serve as an associate professor for the School of Nursing. 


A well-respected educator, Dr. Olinzock has found that providing relevant, collaborative, real-world activities offers students the best chance of experiencing those “Ah Ha” moments that transform our understanding of key issues. She believes UNF’s community-based transformational learning model is an innovative way to teach her students real-world skills and to give back to the community at the same time. 


Dr. Olinzock and her colleagues in the School of Nursing have spent the last six years creating a community-focused curriculum that engages students, faculty, and community stakeholders.  Their home-based model requires that nursing students link up with and provide care for an underserved or vulnerable group in the community.  This gives students the practical clinical experience they need to be good nurses but also an understanding of the barriers underserved patients face once they are discharged from the hospital.  In 2009 and 2010, Dr. Olinzock co-wrote two articles, Building a Baccalaureate Community Nursing Curriculum Using a Participatory Evaluation Approach and Engaging Nursing Students in a Long-Term Relationship with a Home-Base Community, as an exemplar for people interested in building a participatory community nursing curricula consistent with community-driven agendas that students say allows them to “shed underlying prejudices,” “value upstream approaches,” “see the big picture,” and “make a difference.”


The School of Nursing’s numerous partnerships throughout Jacksonville and Dr. Olinzock’s work with Mission House in particular have garnered a lot of positive media attention for both the School and the University. Dr. Olinzock and the Mission House have been honored by Florida Campus Compact with the Campus-Community Partnership Award for creating an alliance “that produces measurable improvements in people’s lives while enhancing higher education” (Florida Campus Compact, 2010).  Articles published in The Florida Times-Union, the Beaches Leader, the UNF Alumni Journal and the Spinnaker all highlight the wonderful work being done for some of Jacksonville’s most underserved populations.