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Annabel Brooks, EdD - Director, Institute for Values, Community and Leadership

Annabel Brooks, EdD

Director, Institute for Values, Community & Leadership


Annabel Brooks received her B.A. in Special Education from the University of West Florida and her M.S. in Educational Leadership from Troy State University.  After working for several years as a community organizer in special education and law enforcement, Dr. Brooks came to the University of North Florida to pursue a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership. 


She’s been with the university for 12 years, using her experience as a community organizer, and her understanding and patience for the community-based learning process to bring together various groups during her tenure at UNF.  Currently, Dr. Brooks serves as the Director for the Institute for Values, Community and Leadership (IVCL) – a role that allows her to provide students with experiences that, at times, transform their way of thinking. 


The IVCL facilitates the education and development of students on how to become effective, ethical and value-based leaders. The Institute offers a holistic approach to the study of leadership, culminating in the UNF Leadership Certificate. The program integrates theory with practical application in the context of campus life, involvement with the community and related “real world” experience.


Dr. Brooks has devoted her time as a Community Scholar to strengthening the values strand of leadership for the IVCL.  She started this process by inviting Dr. John Dalton, founder of the Dalton Institute, to facilitate an energizing discussion amongst faculty and staff about how UNF should demonstrate its core values. Next, seeking to bring the dialogue to students, Dr. Brooks coordinated the integration of values into the second annual Student Leadership Summit held in October of 2010. 


She chronicled the integration of values into the IVCL at a presentation at the 2011 Dalton Institute.