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Marcia Ladendorff, M.A. - Senior Instructor Emerita, Communication

Marcia Ladendorff, M.A. 

Senior Instructor Emerita, Communication


Marcia Ladendorff earned a B.A. in communication from Arizona State University and then worked for some 22 years in various media positions including camera person, editor, reporter, anchor, and producer.  She was one of the original anchors for CNN in Atlanta and then moved to Jacksonville to be an anchor after the birth of her first child. Ms. Ladendorff retired from broadcasting in 1993 and came to the University of North Florida to share her expertise with students while earning a master’s degree in English.  She’s been a valued member of UNF’s faculty for 19 years.  She says much of what she learned about her profession came on the job and she believes students need real world experiences to make sense of the things they’re learning in the classroom. 


Since joining UNF as a faculty member, Ms. Ladendorff has taught several community-based learning courses including The Ghana Project and Service Learning:  Media Literacy.  Ms. Ladendorff feels CBTL courses push students who many times are not convinced they have the power to effect change.  Taking students out of the classroom to apply what they read to complex, real world challenges forces them out of their complacency and into roles that transform them into citizens who "do" instead of "watch". 



Commentary on the challenges of doing service learning abroad


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