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Friday, March 1, 2019 from 8:00a.m. - 2:30p.m. Jessie Ball duPont Center

Annually, the Center for Community-Based Learning hosts a Community Engagement Participant Summit designed to bring community members, faculty, staff, and students together to share knowledge, goals, and visions for community engagement. Together participants explore opportunities to broaden cross-campus collaboration, deepen engagement and strengthen collective impact. 


Interdisciplinary Approach to Solutions

Spend a day with others who are trying to explore and understand how we can continue to move the needle on issues around environment, health, and youth in the Jacksonville and Northeast Florida region.  Interdisciplinary approaches with those who have a passion and the expertise will lead to new partnerships and ideas on how we can collective combat these “Wicked Problems.”

Using an adapted World Café protocol, participants will work in groups to address an area of human need through the lens of their discipline/work.  Co-facilitators (UNF employee and Community Partner) will guide their group through a process to start to: a) identify and define the issue; b) evaluate assets; c) choose a path forward; and, d) work together to create an impact (synergy).  Using the CE Matrix as a tool, the group will engage one another in dialogue and develop potential collaborative ideas on their area of human need.  After some time, participants will rotate to other group spaces and provide feedback and additional suggestions.  Groups will return to their initial space for a final processing session and preparation to share out what they learned and potential next steps to address their area of human need.


Past Summits

  Group of people sitting in chairs in a circle facing a speaker with word collaboration