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Community-Based Undergraduate Research Partnerships

**Please note: This program was only active during the 2013-2014 academic year.


Community-Based Undergraduate Research Partnerships initiative was designed to enhance community-based research (CBR) by providing opportunities and funding for undergraduate students to conduct CBR in collaboration with faculty and community advisors. CBR is a distinctive approach to research characterized by a collaborative partnership of students, faculty and community members engaging in research aimed at addressing community-identified needs or affecting social change. CBR takes place in community settings and involves community partners in the design, implementation and dissemination of the research.

An example of the application and a guide to filling out the application can be obtained by contacting the Center for Community-Based Learning, or (904) 620-3545. 

2013-14 Community-Based Research Projects   


 Data analysis team  

Title: Data Analysis of After School Arts Participation for Low-SES Students
Community Organization: Cathedral Arts Project 


Description:  With data collected by the Improve Group, through Duval County Public Schools, Cathedral Arts Project (CAP) wanted to analyze the benefits of their after-school arts programs on their elementary and middle-school aged participants. Using the data, the student researcher analyzed the effects that CAP's arts and music programs have on student behavior and academic performance.


Team: Dylan Cummings - Student Researcher; Josue Cruz - Community Advisor; Dr. Dan Richard - Faculty Advisor

Program evaluation team

Title: Program Evaluation of an Inclusive Pre-K Program 


Description: Hope Haven wanted to analyze how participating in an inclusive preschool program is beneficial to typically and a-typically developing children. Research demonstrates that both typically developing children and those with special needs thrive in an inclusive classroom environment with a diverse group of students learning side-by-side.The student researcher evaluated the current program model for its long-term and short-term benefits on all children.


Team: Kimberly Harrington - Student Researcher, Amy Flood - Community Advisor, Dr. Jody Nicholson - Faculty Advisor

 Funding analysis team Title: Funding Analysis for the Revitalization of Mayport Village 

Community Organization: St. Johns River Alliance


Description:  The River Alliance wanted a funding analysis that focused on the area in Jacksonville known as Mayport Village (the mouth of the St. Johns River). The analysis looked at the existing sources of funding (state, local, federal, private) that could be used to assist Mayport Village in reestablishing itself as a commercial fishing center and tourist destination. This analysis acted as a pilot for the River Alliance to complete analyses on additional vital areas to the St. Johns River. The student researcher used their analysis to help the River Alliance apply for an appropriate grant. 


Team: Veronica Perez - Student Researcher, Mark Middlebrook & Andrea Conover - Community Advisors, Dr. Christopher Baynard & Dr. Albert Loh (not pictured) - Faculty Advisors