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Civic Engagement @ UNF

The Center for Community-Based Learning promotes the personal development of students and employees through engaged citizenship and democratic participation. The Center provides educational programs and initiatives with students and campus partners to aid these parties in developing skills and knowledge to be active members in their communities. At the most basic level, the Center wants people to know how to participate in democratic processes through accessing information that will help inform and better prepare them to be citizens. The following questions, information, and dates are collected to provide people with a one-stop shop for democratic participation.

Important Questions

Important Dates

Deadline Action
September 24 - October 1, 2020
Deadline for vote-by-mail ballot to be sent for those 
with requests on file with Supervisor of Elections
October 5, 2020 Deadline to register to vote in Florida
October 24, 2020 Deadline to request vote-by-mail ballot
October 24-31, 2020* Early voting period
Tuesday, November 3, 2020
Election Day

Vote-by-mail ballots must be received

*Each county Supervisor of Elections may offer more days of early voting. Check with your county Supervisor of Elections website for additional days that might be offered.


If you are looking for reminders and friendly nudges about these dates, visit and sign up at

 Faculty Resources

 UNF Administrative Leave Policy for Voting


Campus Election Engagement Project has many resources for faculty members from mechanics of elections processes to conducting difficult dialogues in the classroom setting.
The series of resources can be used in and adapted to all learning modalities (in-person, hybrid, remote learning, distance learning).

Faculty Resources from Campus Election Engagement Project


2020 Marks the 100th Anniversary of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment

To learn more about the Suffrage Movement, the New York Times has compiled an interactive photo history from Seneca Falls, NY in 1848 to the present-day celebration of the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment:


Suffrage at 100: A Visual History


Unfortunately, the passage of the 19th Amendment did not guarantee voting rights for all women. In an accompanying piece, the New York Times speaks specifically to the history of Black Suffragists through photographs:


For Black Suffragists, the Lens Was a Mighty Sword