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Cohort 7

Juan Aceros headshot

Juan Aceros, PhD - Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering

Juan Aceros is a native of Colombia, South America. Dr. Aceros completed his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Hampshire, and his master’s degree in Mechanical, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering, and his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, both at Northeastern University.  For his graduate studies, Dr. Aceros worked on the development of MicroElectroMechanical   Systems (MEMS), Micro/Nano   fabrication, Nanotechnology, Materials Characterization, Thin Films, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), and Semiconductor processing .  Following graduate school, Dr.   Aceros   held a postdoctoral position at the NSF Center for High-rate   Nanomanufacturing, and prior to joining UNF, he was a Senior Research Associate with the   Neuroengineering Laboratory at Brown University, Providence, RI. During his time at Brown, Dr Aceros worked on the development of advanced neural interface technology for clinical and research applications such as fully-implantable, wireless neural interface devices for recording and transmitting cortical signals from the brain.  

Emma Apatu headshot

Emma Apatu, DrPH - Assistant Professor, Public Health

Dr. Emma Apatu is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health at the University of North Florida (UNF). Apatu completed her Doctor of Public Health in Community Health at East Tennessee University and Master of Public Health in Health Education and Behavioral Sciences at Emory University. Dr. Apatu actively tries to engage her students in real life learning experiences.
Linda Connelly headshot

Linda Connelly, PhD, MSH, ARNP, CNOR - Assistant Professor, Nursing

Linda K. Connelly is a native of Pensacola, Florida. She graduated from the Mobile Infirmary Hospital School of Nursing with a diploma in nursing in 1973.  She was commissioned as a first lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps in 1988.  COL Connelly earned her Bachelor of Health Education in 1978 from the University of West Florida. 

Heather Kenney headshot

Heather Kenney, Ed. D - Director of Brooks College of Health Advising

Dr. Heather Kenney earned her BA in Psychology from West Chester University of Pennsylvania, M.S. in Higher Education from Florida State University, and Ed.D in Education Leadership from UNF.   Her research and programming interests revolve around college student retention and engagement pertaining to student success. 

Stephen Stagon headshot

Stephen Stagon, PhD - Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Stephen (Steve) Stagon joined the University of North Florida in academic year 14/15 as an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Prior, Steve earned a BS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut. His research interests center around synthesis, processing, and application of nanostructured materials. He is advisor to the UNF student chapters of the Florida Engineering Society, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and Osprey Robotics. Steve entered the Community Scholars Program as a blank slate, but left with a plan to expand his involvement in Jacksonville.
Kristi Sweeney headshot

Kristi Sweeney, PhD - Assistant Professor, Sports Management

Kristi Sweeney, Ph. D. is an Assistant Professor of Sport Management at the University of North Florida (UNF), where she also serves as the Chair of the UNF Intercollegiate Athletics Committee.  Dr. Sweeney teachers both graduate and undergraduate courses in sport finance.  In addition, she instructs resource development for non-profit organizations, sport facility management, and supervises internships at the undergraduate level.  Her research interests include sport philanthropy, community-based learning, diversity in sport, and consumer behavior and decision making in professional sport.

Susan Syverud headshot

Susan Syverud, PhD - Associate Professor, Exceptional Education

Dr. Susan M. Syverud is an associate professor in the Department of Exceptional, Deaf and Interpreter Education in the College of Education and Human Services at the University of North Florida. She served 12 years as Professor in Residence at the Urban Professional Development School Woodland Acres Elementary, Jacksonville, Florida and is currently developing an International Professional Development School in Belmopan, Belize. She primarily teaches literacy methods for exceptional learners courses where her students tutor struggling readers under her guidance and supervision. Her research interests include preventing reading failures, remediating poor academic achievement of struggling learners, preparing highly qualified educators within a professional development school model, and developing university-school partnerships.