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2023-2024 University Catalog
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major: Elementary Education

Degree: Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) 2023-2024

Major Requirements (36 credits)

EDF6687 Foundations of Multic/Urb Ed (3 Credits)

EDE 6205 Effective Strategies for Differentiating Instruction (3 Credits)
EEX 5053 Foundations of Exceptional Education and Services (3 Credits)

EDF6237 Prncpls Lrn & Clsrm Assessment (3 Credits)
EDG6415 Principles Instruc and Mngmt (3 Credits)
RED6657 Lang and Cognit Found for Read (3 Credits)
RED6656 Adv Foundations of Reading (3 Credits)
SSE6318 Social Study Methods:Elem Tchr (3 Credits)
SCE6117 Science for Elementary Teacher (3 Credits)
MAE6318 Math for Elementary Teachers (3 Credits)
TSL6325 TESOL: Content Instruction (3 Credits)
TSL6254 Applied Linguistics/Grammar (3 Credits)
ESE6947 Professional Internship (1-6 Credits)
RED5846 Practicum in Reading (1-3 Credits)