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2023-2024 University Catalog
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certificate: Teacher Inquiry

Degree: Post-Baccalaureate Certificate (CB) 2023-2024

Certificate Requirements (15 credits)

Students may earn the certificate in conjunction with a graduate degree or as a standalone certificate as a non-degree seeking student. Please see the Graduate Certificate Programs page for more information.

EDF6687 Foundations of Multic/Urb Ed (3 Credits)
EDG6067 Intro to Teacher Inquiry (3 Credits)
EDG6911 Action Research in Education (1-6 Credits)
EDE6205 Effective Practices for Differentiating Instruction (3 Credits)

EDE6225 Elementary School Curriculum and Instruction (3 credits)
EEC6205 Curriculum and Instruction in Early Childhood Education (3 credits)
TSL6142 ESOL Curriculum Development (3 credits)
ESE6215 The Secondary School Curriculum (3 credits)