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2018-2019 Catalog
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Excelsior College and UEXCEL Exams

Credit will be granted for satisfactory scores on the Excelsior College and UEXCEL examinations.  The chart below can be used as a guide to determine the type and the amount of credit.  Credit earning scores and course credit awarded can be found on the Florida Statewide Course Numbering System website.

Information is subject to change.  

Excelsior/UEXCEL Passing Score GEN ED  Course Equivalent Hours
Abnormal Psychology C Elective CLP 1140 3
Calculus (UEXCEL) C Elective MAC 1311 4
College Writing (UEXCEL) C Elective ENG 1101 3
Earth Science C Elective ESC 1000 3
English Composition C Elective ENC 1101 3
Ethics:  Theory and Practice C Elective PHI 1630 3
Foundations of Gerontology C Elective GEY 1000 3
Human Resources Management C Elective MAN 1300 3
Introduction to Music C Elective MUH 1011 3
Labor Relations C Elective MAN 1400 3
Life Span Developmental Psychology C Elective DEP 2004 3
Managerial Accounting C Elective ACG 1071 3
Microbiology C Elective MCB 1000 3
Principles of Marketing C Elective MAR 1011 3
Psychology of Adulthood and Aging C Elective DEP 1401 3
Spanish Language (UEXCEL) C Elective SPN 1000 4
Workplace Communication with Computers C Elective OST 1335 3
World Conflicts since 1900 C Elective WOH 1040 3